Recent Additions
July - September 2004

The objects listed here are representative of donations received by the museum during the period July - September 2004.

Atmosphere Shot of the Foyer

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Death Certificate 1910, Ref: 2004.19
Committal Form, Countess Markievicz, Ref: 2004.27
Wedding Dress, Ref: 2004.28
Wedding Dress, Ref: 2004.28
Going Away Dress, Ref: 2004.29
Going Away Dress, Ref: 2004.29
Royal Navy Uniform Jacket, Ref: 2004.30.1
Royal Navy Uniform Jacket, Ref: 2004.30.2
Royal Navy Uniform Waistcoat, Ref: 2004.30.3
Royal Navy Uniform Waistcoat, Ref: 2004.30.4
Hairband with Train, Ref: 2004.34
Business Receipt, O’ Dea & Co, Ref: 2004.36
Business Receipt, J. Molony, Groceries, Ref: 2004.37
Business Receipt, The Arch Grocery, Ref: 2004.38
Business Receipt, A and A O’ Flanagan & Co., Ref: 2004.40
Business Receipt, Morgan Mc Inerney, Ref: 2004.41
Business Receipt, Frank Cassidy, Ref: 2004.42
Business Receipt, Tylers, Ref: 2004.43
Business Receipt, The Irish House, Ref: 2004.46
Business Receipt, E Mitchell, Ref: 2004.48
Business Receipt, Griffin’s Wholesale, Ref: 2004.49
Clay Pipe, Ref: 2004.51
Clay Pipe, Ref: 2004.52
Tricolour, Ref: 2004.55
Ceramic Letter R, Ref: 2004.109
Ceramic Letter A, Ref: 2004.110



















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