Reports and Returns Relating to Evictions
in the Kilrush Union (1847-1849)

Extract from Report of Captain Kennedy - February 11, 1848

"THERE is a concentration of misery and suffering in Moyarta almost beyond the possibility of grappling with, and daily on the increase. Some idea of this may be formed from the fact that upwards of 120 houses have been ‘tumbled’ on one property within a few weeks, containing families to a greater number; many of whom are burrowing behind the ditches, without the means of procuring a shelter. The relieving officer is intelligent and active, but his duties cannot possibly be performed by any one individual.
"At Carrigaholt and the division of Moyarta, misery and suffering are no less rife, and death quite as busy.
"I scrutinized a list of 575 families here, and saw each individual; their lamentable state of filth, ignorance, destitution, and disease, must be seen to be comprehended. It is hopeless for the very few respectable residents to struggle against such an overwhelming mass. On one estate alone, little short of 200 houses have been ‘tumbled’ within three months, and 120 of this number, I believe, within three weeks! The wretched, houseless, helpless inmates, for the most part an amphibious race of fishermen and farmers, scattering disease, destitution, and dismay in every direction." 

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