Reports and Returns Relating to Evictions
in the Kilrush Union (1847-1849)

Reply of the Commissioners to Captain Kennedy - April 15, 1848

I AM directed by the Commissioners for administering the Laws for Relief of the Poor in Ireland to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 8th instant, in which you advert to the evictions which have taken place in the Kilmurry electoral division of Kilrush Union, and request to be furnished with the heads on which the Commissioners desire to be furnished with sworn informations. 
In reference thereto, I am directed by the Commissioners to state that they are desirous that all the material facts connected with the evictions should be placed on record, in order that they may be in a position to ascertain whether any burden has been cast on the poor rates illegally.
The Commissioners do not consider it to be within their province to interfere with the legal exercise of the rights of property; but when, owing to the demolition of the houses, the poor rates of an Union become liable for the support of destitute poor persons who have no houses to go to it becomes competent for the Commissioners to satisfy themselves, that such additions to the liabilities of the Union are not occasioned by a violation of the law.

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