Reports and Returns Relating to Evictions
in the Kilrush Union (1847-1849)

Captain Kennedy to the Commissioners - April 8, 1848

ADVERTING to the 16 houses mentioned in my report of the 2nd instant, as having been leveled in the "Kilmurry" division, I have the honour to request that the Commissioners would be kind enough to furnish me with the heads upon which they would desire sworn information, as I fear embodying matter which might embarrass them; this evil is one of such magnitude in this Union, that any examination of it should be maturely considered and searchingly conducted into to the legality, or the contrary, of many of these evictions, I cannot speak; I am truly conversant with the numbers at present. I found this information necessary to the efficient performance of my duties, not only to know, but anticipate them; the eviction of 300 or 400 souls in one day would be embarrassing to any Union.
I may mention the following facts which I can have verified upon oath:-
Kilmurry Division.—Sir John Reid’s property; seventeen or nineteen houses thrown down on or about 8th March, 1848; all on one day.
Mr. Mc Donnell’s property; twenty-two houses since 1st January, 1848.
Mr. Pougham’s property; eight houses since 1st January, 1848.
Fourteen on Mr. James O’Dwyer’s property.
Eleven on Minor Casey’s property.
Killard Division.—Fourteen houses thrown down on Minor Stackpoole’s property, since March on 69 acres.
Twenty-four houses on Mr. Clowes’ property, on 28 acres.
I can procure names, and numbers, &c., of families, &c., and all particulars which may be required.
I have a list, &c., from Moyarta division, I think, exceeding 220 houses. These evicted are all absolute and hopeless paupers; on the average six to each house, enough to swamp any Union or Poor Law machinery when simultaneously thrown upon it.
I will immediately commence the inquiry when directed. I calculate that 6,000 houses have been levelled since November, and expect 500 more before July.

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