Reports and Returns Relating to Evictions
in the Kilrush Union (1847-1849)

Statement of Mary Doherty

I am wife to George Doherty, of Clondrinee. He held ten acres of land from Mr. George Barclay. Charles Kean is his agent. One-third of that land was let by George Doherty to Thomas Waters : both parties were served with a notice to quit at November last, for non-payment of rent.
Thomas Waters had a house upon the lands. Upon last Saturday week (the 7th October, 1848), Charles Kean, the agent, came to the lands, with four men, Pat Halpin, James Burke, Paddy Shea, and John Burke. They all came into my house. Charles Kean commenced breaking the door-frame, and throwing the things out.
I told him I would not quit the house that day; there was no sheriff or police there; they all commenced throwing my things out; I would not quit the house. They then commenced throwing down the house, beginning at the four corners, with spades. Pat Halpin laid hold of me, and dragged me out; Kean gave him two sticks, to stand at the door, and prevent me going in again till they tumbled the house; the four corners of the house were tumbled before they dragged me out. I resisted to the utmost, but they overpowered me; my side and my foot are much hurt; the house is completely levelled and some of the furniture broken, which they threw down the house upon. There were four of my children in the house with me at the time; my husband was absent at the time. I am now living in a small hut, under some sticks and straw, adjoining the house. My husband, I believe, owed two years rent; my husband would not have given possession if he had been at home. We had no place to go to; I was obliged to borrow clothes from some neighbours to come here to-day; one of my daughters, Dorcas Doherty, can corroborate this statement. Charles Kean promised me the relief if I would give up the land, and gave me a ticket to Mr. Ginnane, the relieving officer. Mr. Ginnane said I might starve in the street, I should not get a grain of meal. Charles Kean’s sister is married to Mr. Ginnane, the relieving officer.
Thomas Waters, of Clondrinee, states,—I hold one-third of George Doherty’s land; my rent is paid all but 16s., for which I was decreed, and gave an I O U for that amount. I was present when Charles Kean, Pat Halpin, James Burke, John Burke, and Pat Shea came to take possession of George Doherty’s house on the 7th October. He was absent, and his wife refused the possession; she said she would be killed before she quitted it. I saw Kean assisting to pull down the house, and throw the things out. Mary Doherty was in the house when they were pulling it down; a good part of the house was down before she quit it; the walls and part of the roof. I went away before she was dragged out of the house; I saw some of the children in the house at the same time; they had no means, and no where to go to.
Mr. Ginnane, relieving officer, stated to Captain Kennedy, on Saturday, 14th October, when questioned about this case, that no notice had been served upon him, and did not believe the house had been thrown down.

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