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The History of Clare Tennis, Badminton and Squash Clubs by Ger Browne

In the articles given here, Ger Browne provides a history of the tennis, badminton and squash clubs of County Clare. Each history includes an annual summary, profiles of members and newspaper articles relating to the club. They also give an insight to the popularity of tennis, badminton and squash in Clare throughout the 20th century. The histories are a tribute to the people who made the various clubs a success with their energy and drive. Clare County Library is grateful to Ger Browne for donating these histories.

Clare Tennis Clubs (PDF 8MB)

Clare Badminton Clubs (PDF 75MB)

Ennis Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club
The history of the Ennis Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club is really the history of four clubs:

The County Clare Tennis Club 1888-1948 (PDF 33MB)
This club was based on the Mill Road and was taken over by the Fergus LTC in 1948.

The Fergus Lawn Tennis Club (1933-1982) (PDF 102MB)
This club originated on the Cusack Road and moved to the Mill Road in 1948.

The Ennis Badminton Club (1958-1982) (PDF 71MB)
This club originated on Station Road and moved to the Mill Road when it amalgamated with the Tennis Club in 1982.

The Ennis Lawn Tennis and Badminton Club (established 1982) (PDF 18.4KB)

Clare Squash Clubs (PDF 79MB)

The One Mile Inn Squash Club (1974-1991) (PDF 177MB)

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