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From East to West Coast – an exhibition of drawings from Aoife Fitzgerald

From East to West Coast
Foyer of the County Museum, Ennis
May 12th – June 6th, 2008

These are images that I have done over the past few years in Kerry, Clare and Dublin. The drawings of Dublin are the most recent, drawn early March of this year for an ongoing show I have been doing on Cityscapes. The Kerry landscapes are the oldest, done around the Ballinskellig area while I was doing a residency in Cill Rialiag. The other drawings are mostly done in the last year and a half, whilest living between Clare and Dublin. When I draw, I am interested in the underlying energy of the land, both its wildness or passivity, it very much depends on which part of the countryside I was in. I am not so interested in the factualness of drawing every new bungalow but rather the story and the feel of the land below, the lie of the land, its grittyness and its mystery.

In the cityscapes I am still interested in the energy of the land but also the changing energy of a city that holds both the old and the new, the historic and the future.

I hope that these drawing will give you a small glimpse of the Ireland that I see when I move around from the east to the west coast.

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