Fourth Annual Doolin Artists Exhibition

Sculpture by Domingo Coutidinoy, one of the participating artists in the 4th Annual Doolin Artists Exhibition

July 25th through August 9th, 2003 at the Russell Cultural Centre, Doolin, Co. Clare. Open daily, 1pm. To 6pm. Admission Free. Contact number. 065 7074449.

The fourth annual exhibition by Doolin Artists will be held at the Russell Cultural Centre, Doolin, Co. Clare. Cormac McConnell of Clare FM will open the show at 6p.m. on July 25th. This year's exhibition features the work of seven of the Doolin artists: Susanna Ehlert, Vickie Lennis, Kathy Sambrook, Walter Schroeder, Corinna Schroeder von Frihling, Cynthia Sinnott and Ilsa Thielen. In addition there will be four guest artists: Domingo Coutidinoy, Frances Medrano, Keith Payne and Lydia Petit. Paintings in various media, photography, engravings, sculpture and installations will provdide a diverse and exciting spectrum of the artists' recent work.

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