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Astrid Adler's "Forbidden Bonfires and Divine Beings" Exhibition
November 1st - 12th, 2005, de Valera Library Ennis

Astrid Adler opens her exhibition and launches her website at 7pm in the De Valera -Gallery in Ennis at the 1. of November (all Saints day). ”Forbidden Bonfires and Divine Beings” is the name of the exhibition. Installations, objects and paintings, deal with Pagan and Christian beliefs.

Different styles are explored.

Paintings in a Metharealistic Style are what we are used to see from Astrid.

Here we see the Burren- and other local landscapes, but keep on looking, and things will appear different.” The paintings start a life of their own. It gets a soul, turns into a being. Scribbles turnout to be trees, stones, faces, bodies, animals spirits… they show themselves, suddenly lurking into the painting. Its not just a landscape, it’s the history of it, the forgotten things, the feelings, the fairies, the dead. I walk around in the painting with my brush and just paint it that bit clearer.” So/thus Astrid

Astrid’s more abstract Contemporary- Celtic- Art expresses itself in a very free way. Away from construction, but nevertheless with the typical Celtic feel. The work ranges from very colourful and vibrant oil and acrylic paintings to New Grange resembling symbolism presented with charcoal and chalk on brown paper to very unusual objects.

Forbidden Bonfires and Divine Beings:  Astrid Adler Exhibition: November 1st - 12th, 2005, de Valera Library, Ennis

Forbidden Bonfires and Divine Beings
November 1st - 12th, 2005, de Valera Library, Ennis

The Objects are paint decorated bones. The eeriness which bones evoke disappears. Again the “Contemporary - Celtic - Art” -Style covers the entire object. The results are artefacts which invite to touch and even to play with.

Three paintings include mirrors. Interaction between painting and viewer is formed. Because of the mirrors, the viewer finds him/herself in the paintings.
Those three paintings and the installations surely will bring up questions and discussions.

All the work of the exhibition can be seen on the website right after the opening. The real paintings can be seen within opening hours of the library up to Saturday 12 November 2.00 p.m.

For further information please contact Astrid Adler directly at or Tel. 065-9051309

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