An exhibition of video, photography and drawing by Diarmuid & Ivan Twohig takes place in the De Valera Gallery at Ennis Library from Friday June 2nd to Friday June 16th.

Opening at 6.30 p.m. on Friday June 2nd by poet Knute Skinner

The title of the exhibition takes its cue from Pneuma, the Greek for air, wind , spirit and breath, which metaphorically describes a non-material influence or being. From this point of departure the exhibition plays out a series of relationships between the human and the inanimate environment he/she constructs, inhabits and endows with meaning. Ultimately it is the through the shared creative processes of the human imagination that we breath life into objects and things and give them value. The omnipresence of darkness and shadow that permeate the images on show serves as a reminder of the unfathomable depth of this creative ability and that there is a danger too inherent in the blurring of the boundaries between reality and imagination, between the thing itself and the attributed meaning (or meaninglessness) of it.

Diarmuid has produced photographic prints of his studio that depict various objects, tools, materials, bits of wood, furniture, toys and boxes of things that, through their juxtapositions and arrangement, their emergence and withdrawal into darkness and light seem to hint at some mysterious narrative structure to this creative environment. Rather than being depictions of the space in which the artist works these photographs appear to be various points of view of an artwork itself. Also available to view is a large portfolio of drawings and sketches produced by the artist within this space, adding another level to the relationship between the presentation of the artwork produced within the space and the presentation of the space as artwork.

In turn Ivan's installation in the central well of the gallery also delves into the uncanny as video images unfold in slow motion with human actions that are initially familiar becoming obscured and resonating with a certain sense of secrecy. A lack of a knowable environment, or one that is shrouded in darkness. References are made to the Tin Man's search for a heart in the Wizard of Oz and this brings our sense of wonder and fantasy into confrontation with our knowledge and rationality. The materiality of the video images is brought to the fore by the attention paid to the texture of the objects and the sounds depicted in each sequence.

Diarmuid Twohigk moved from Dublin to Clare in 1982 and has worked on numerous public art projects including community based initiatives such as Embrace and has had many public sculptures erected around the county as well as having private commissions from both Ireland and abroad. His drawings and installations are informed by his interest in philosophy most notably the work of Martin Heidegger that informed his Being and Time exhibitions and his observations of form within nature.

Diarmuids son Ivan graduated with BA Fine Art in 2004 and since then has been based in Dublin working on a variety of exhibitions in Cork, Dublin and Galway from his space at Pallas Studios including the organization of the Art Alternator group exhibition in Clare last year in which graduates of G.M.I.T Cluain Mhuire BA Fine Arts showcased their work. He then moved to the Firestation Studios to complete a major sculpture commission with his brother Marcel and is relocating to Berlin to further his artistic study which is concerned with the impact of modern media on art and human perception and the value systems through which we struggle to achieve personal space.

For Enquiries regarding the exhibition and purchase of artworks please contact:
Ivan Twohig ph: 0860719177 or 0656836684 email:


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