Simplicity and Change, May 6th - June 3rd, 2006
An Exhibition of Photography by Rosaleen Hinchy, Foyer of the County Museum, Ennis

All the photos in this exhibition were taken at my Uncle Martins house in Mt. Callan, Co. Clare. I became interested in documenting his house as he had decided to install electricity and water, and to re-roof the house along with some other changes. When I began to take the photographs, I became more interested in the ornaments and the placement of objects, the colours of the interior and the large open fireplace with the black kettle hanging over it. His possessions are few but precious. He lives the lifestyle many older people will remember from their childhood. He still bakes bread on the griddle even though he got a gas cooker a few years ago. I have seen the house since some of the changes were made and he has kept things pretty much the same. It’s more comfortable for him now but he is happy with the way things are in the inside of the house and does not feel the need to modernise it. When I crouch down to visit through the back door (which is smaller than me) I know the fire will be lit, the kettle on the boil hanging over it and the bread will most probably be still from the griddle. . .

This exhibition is dedicated to Martin.

Images from the exhibition:

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