General Election, 15th June 1989


26th DAIL (166 DEPUTIES)

Others include: the Workers Party; the Progressive Democrats; the Communist Party of Ireland; the Democratic Socialist Party; the Green Party - Comhaontas Glas; Sinn Fein; and non - party candidates

Turnout 68%
Number of women elected - 13 (7%)

Elected for Clare : Donal Carey (FG), Madeleine Taylor - Quinn (FG),
Brendan Daly (FF), Sile de Valera (FF)

Issue of compensation for haemophiliacs causes fall of minority FF govt

Health cuts major election issue - FF surprised at public anger and resentment

Army pay and fishing rod licence also feature prominently in campaign

" If you support Mr. Daly’s rod licence, please do not canvass here. Thank you."
-Notice in Ennis windows during election campaign

Dublin sees three gay rights activists contest election

General election is "snap election" called for same day as European Parliament election - 15 candidates seek dual mandate

Opinion polls show hung Dail likely ; general public consider election unnecessary

FF women fail to "Rise and Follow Charlie" - only ten women nominated amongst 115 FF candidates

Taoiseach Haughey declines "great debate" TV interview with FG leader Dukes, dismissing it as "a bit of theatre, a bit of a circus and a great media hype"

Pat Rabbitte (Workers Party, Dublin South West ) and Eamonn Gilmore (Workers Party, Dun Laoghaire) "graduate" to the new Dail - both are past presidents of the Union of Students in Ireland

Roger Garland (Dublin South) becomes Ireland’s first Green TD

Taurus (20th April - 20th May) is most common birth sign of members of the 26th Dail ; Leo (23rd July - 22nd August) is the least common

Seamus Brennan (FF, Dublin South) is election’s highest vote-getter

Former Justice Minister Sean Doherty (FF, Roscommon) loses seat

Final election result : FF 77, FG 55, Lab 15, Others 19

12 July : FF, abandoning "core principle", forms govt with the Progressive Democrats ; Haughey again Taoiseach, Brian Lenihan Tanaiste

    "The politics of Zig and Zag."
    - Dick Spring, Lab leader, describing FG - Progressive Democrats electoral pact

    "In Ireland an election is the greatest blood sport of all."
    - Sean O’ Leary, FG director of elections

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