General Election, 18th June 1969


19th DAIL ( 144 DEPUTIES )

Others Include : Non - party candidates

Turnout 74%
Number of women elected - 2 (1%)

Elected for Clare : Sylvester Barrett (FF), Patrick Hillery (FF),
Francis Taylor (FG)

Elected for Clare - Galway South : William (Bill) A. Loughnane (FF),
Michael Carty (FF), Brigid Hogan - O ' Higgins (FG)

Former Taoisigh Sean Lemass (FF) and John A. Costello (FG) decline to stand for re-election

New Teachtai Dala include John Bruton (FG), Garret Fitzgerald (FG), Barry Desmond (Lab),Liam Kavanagh (Lab),David Thornley (Lab), Conor Cruise O’Brien (Lab), Senator Michael O’ Kennedy (FF), Jim Tunney (FF), Dr Bill Loughnane (FF) and Ray McSharry (FF)

Big surprise in Clare as Sylvie Barrett tops poll ahead of Hillery

John Bruton (FG, Meath) at 22 youngest member of new Dail. Hears of his election in hospital after sudden appendix operation

Noel Lemass (FF, Dublin South - West) holds father Sean’s seat by margin of 206 votes ; Tom McEllistrim Jnr (FF, Kerry North) holds father Tom Snr’s seat comfortably

Dr. Hilda O’Malley (Non - party, Limerick East) contests late husband Donogh’s seat, having failed to win FF nomination. Amidst acrimonious campaign loses to nephew Des O’Malley (FF) but splits FF vote in constituency

FG propose abolishing compulsory Irish for State examinations and civil service jobs

Labour advocate extensive State control and denounce worker exploitation - FF dubs them "admirers of Castro"

Labour election slogan "Let’s build the New Republic"

In Sligo - Leitrim four out of nine candidates lose their deposit, including all three Lab candidates

Justin Keating (Lab, Dublin County North) champions "equal pay for women." Perceived by some as a maverick candidate

FF election slogan "Let’s back Jack!"

Final election results : FF 75, FG 50, Lab 18, Others 1

FF wins fourth successive general election - Jack Lynch elected Taoiseach for second term, Erskine Childers Tanaiste

    "Their speeches suggest a collection of toothless hillbillies snarling at a Rural District Council in 1900"
    - John Kelly (FG candidate, Dublin South - Central) describing outgoing FF administration 

    " I am against coalition. We shall never be accepted as equal partners."
    - Brendan Corish, Lab party leader, addressing party conference  

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