General Election, 28th February 1973


20th DAIL (144 DEPUTIES)

Others Include : Sinn Fein ; Aontacht Eireann - Republican Unity ;
and non - party candidates

Turnout 76%
Number of women elected - 4 (2%)

Elected for Clare : Sylvester Barrett (FF), Francis Taylor (FG),
Brendan Daly (FF)

Elected for Clare - Galway South : William (Bill) A. Loughnane (FF),
Brigid Hogan - O' Higgins (FG), John Callanan (FF)

Irish Housewives Association urges support for the fourteen women standing in election

FF declines invitation to debate election issues on eve-of-poll "Late Late Show" saying the show would be a "shambles"

Sinn Fein campaign for nationalisation of banks and other financial institutions and of all oil and mineral resources

FF campaign falters as party strategists highlight security and law and order issues; FG and Lab promote "bread and butter" issues

Main election issues - prices and the cost of living ; rates and inconsistent property valuations ; social welfare ; and the shortage of housing stock

Pressure group National Association for Local Government Reform and Rates Abolition, lobbying for abolition of rates on private dwellings and public authority houses, urges electorate to vote FF

Aontacht Eireann - Republican Unity field thirteen candidates, including ex-FF Minister Kevin Boland

Brian Lenihan (FF, Roscommon Leitrim), Minister for Transport and Power, loses seat

FG - Lab publish joint "Statement of Intent", a 14 - point electoral declaration
- main thrust is on social welfare

Final election results : FF 69, FG 54, Lab 19, Others 2

14 March : National coalition govt of FG - Lab formed, with Liam Cosgrave Taoiseach, Brendan Corish Tanaiste, ending 16 years continuous FF power

    "Back Jack or back out. And that is discipline, it is what we have and the other parties do not."
    - George Colley (FF, Dublin North Central)

    "It would be unwise to entrust the running of the country in the challenging and uncertain times ahead to a
     hastily-formed Coalition which has no idea of the difficulties and obligations of government."
    - Brian Lenihan (FF, Roscommon Leitrim)

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