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Summer Stars 2020

Summer Stars Stories from County Clare
Scéalta an Chláir – Réaltaí an tSamhraidh

Summer Stars with a very local flavour comes to children in County Clare during the month of August. We are delighted to present a series of online tales like you’ve never heard before from Niall de Burca. Already well known to many of Clare Library’s young readers, Niall is one of Ireland’s finest and most-loved performers.

To celebrate our annual children’s reading programme Niall will bring you a fascinating array of stories of County Clare based on heroes, legends and places you may or may not have heard of. Now you can listen to these tales by tuning in to Clare County Library's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every Tuesday in August beginning on the 4th at 11.30am. Each story will be family friendly and will encourage engagement with books in libraries.

Here’s a selection of the stories you will hear:

Aoibheall the Shining One
Somewhere in Clare is a hidden entrance to the fort of one of the most powerful fairies in Ireland. She is celebrated in song and story. But Aoibheall has two sides; she can bring happy dreams to children or nightmares to a King.....

The Banshee
When Niall de Búrca was a kid stories of the Banshee made him hide under the duvet. But he couldn’t stop listening....they were delicious! For Summer Stars Niall shares one of his favourite Banshee tales.

Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Fianna
Fionn and the Fianna have had many an adventure in Clare. Niall relates a tale of Fionn in the Banner! Is there a place or story associated with the Fianna near where you live?

Riddle Me This!
People in Ireland always love riddles. In days of yore people spent hours thinking up great riddles to trick friends and family. Niall has a tale of how a kid out riddled a King!

Animal Tales
In Clare we share our landscape with incredible wildlife. Dear, otters and badgers are just some of the animals of which there are many stories. Sionnach Glic’ - Foxey; the wiliest of all creatures deserves a tail or two!

Linked to this amazing array of stories we want to invite you our listeners to share your own stories, riddles and photographs with us for publication on our website and social media platforms.
• Do you have a story to tell about an historical place or person from the past who lived in your locality?
• Do you know or would you like to make up a riddle or two based on local stories or places to share with other people in Clare?
• Why not take a photograph of an old fort, church, a castle ruin or other famous landmark in the area near your home and tell us about it in one or two short paragraphs.

Then email your stories/riddles/photographs to us at at any time during August 2020. Include Summer Stars Storytelling in your email subject heading.

We will be thrilled to receive and share all your information on local places and people of interest on the library website at the end of August 2020.

Clare County Library reserves the right, at our discretion, to edit your text or photographic submissions if necessary.

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