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Kids Reads
An interesting site for young book lovers or for children seeking advice on what to read. offers many different features, from information on authors and series to reviews of recently published books. A trivia section features quizzes with an option to check your answers and the games link contains numerous book-related word searches, map scrambles etc. If you are thinking about starting a book club, trying to find new ideas for your club or wondering what the heck a book club is, Kidsreads has all the answers to your Book Club questions and some guides to help you lead a good discussion with your friends. It also provides a guide to choosing what to read.

Teen Reads
Reviews and excerpts of the latest teenage books are available on this site. An Authors page provides interviews with authors who have been interviewed by or have been recently featured on the site. Information on book clubs and reading guides for teens is also provided.

Reading Matters
Detailed book reviews for children are added to on a continuous basis. These can be accessed through the Books or Authors links. The Lists, and Bookchooser links will help young readers choose a particular type of book. If you're not sure what to read click on the Lucky Dip button to look at random reviews.

The British National Literacy Trust Website
Divided into separate pages for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Parents, Adults, Volunteers and Libraries. Key areas on this site, begins with a news update followed by Government approaches, practical suggestions and initiatives, research, statistics and resources. There is also an events calendar of "What's on in the literacy world."

Achuka Children's Books UK
Advertised as "The Chock-Full Eyes Peeled, Independent Books Site" this site includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teenage and Poetry pages as well as a host of interesting, author profiles, interviews with authors and the latest news on award-winning books.

Mrs Mad's Book-A-Rama
All the best children's books reviewed and rated for young readers, parents, teachers and librarians, with games, stories and jokes.
Children can choose the type of books they like to read: adventure, crime and mystery or real life drama and by clicking on the relevant buttons can retrieve reviews of the type of books they like to read best.
The playtime link presents the reader with options to choose from such as: buzz buzz spelling bee, put yourself in the story and kid's book hangman
An excellent, comprehensive website for children, teenagers, parents, teachers and for all those concerned with what young people read.
The site contains advice for parents, children's book organizations, subject book lists, a looking for an author section and much more. Information is also given on the UK's most prestigious book awards.

Children's Literature Web Guide
The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. In addition to links to relevant websites, it includes book reviews, discussion boards and award winners and other links.

Drankensang Online
Fantasy & Adventure Stories, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, Aesop Fables and More!

Tuck Sleep
Tuck Sleep, is an online community devoted to improving sleep health and wellness, and how this can be aided by creating a bedtime reading routine. The guide also contains suggestions for age-appropriate books available in print and online.

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