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John Minihan Papers

Application of John Minihan of Corofin for a Military Service Pension, 1934.

Leading to period (192)
Additional Information Re – Application. John Minihan Corofin for 1934 Military Service Pension.
I was one at a meeting held in the board room Corofin November 1913.
The meeting was called by H.J. Hunt Corofin for the purpose of organising a branch of the Irish Volunteers in the district.
Branch formed A branch of the Irish Volunteers was formed about February 1914.
Officers H.J. Hunt Corofin was elected Captain I was appointed Section Leader.
Parades Drill and parades in public were carried on
Funds I helped in the raising of funds by collection and public functions for the purchase of arms.
Arms Purchased 14 Martini Enfield Rifles and 600 rounds .303 munition was purchased from Irish volunteers H.Q. by such funds at £3.10.0 stg per rifle
.22 Miniature Rifle Practise
I attended parades and drilled openly also .22 Miniature Rifle practise under H.J. Hunt
Redmond Redmond’s adherents joined the Irish volunteers about August 1914 in our district.
Split demanded rifles At a meeting held in A.O.H Hall Corofin Nov 1914. Redmond’s adherents split with the original Irish volunteers and demanded the rifles.
Secured rifles
I with about 25 Irish volunteers under H.J Hunt secured the rifles and munition.
Distribution of rifles The rifles being distributed among the Irish volunteers, I got charge of 2 rifles and 600 rounds .303 munition, which I held in my possession until required in 1920.
1915 Oath of allegiance to Ireland Attended parade ordered by H.J. Hunt November 1915. Purpose of which to take oath of Loyalty to Ireland. Administered by organiser Earnest Blythe who was then under order of deportation by the British. 16 members taking the oath.
Training As a member of the Irish Volunteers attended all parades and trained privately in all military matters also rifle practice until April 1916.
1916 period (1 & 2) mobilised attack on Corofin. Mobilised with my company under H.J Hunt O/C at 4pm Easter Sunday 1916 with 3 days rations for the purpose of attacking
Countermanding Order
District R.I.C. HQ at Corofin.
Countermanding order received through Limerick command calling off all engagements. 14 members were mobilised.
Secured Arms Secured all arms in the district in the hands of others than Irish volunteers.
Easter Monday proceeded to Galway On Easter Monday our O/C H.J. Hunt not satisfied with countermanding order proceeded to Galway to get in touch with Liam Mellows with for orders owing to enemy activities unable to get in touch and returned to his unit.
Period (1&2) 1916 During week.

Under H.J. Hunt we stood too the whole week awaiting orders to proceed with attack on barracks.

A body of R.I.C. numbering about 20, invested the area about my house from Wednesday to the following Monday.Being a publican was in constant touch with the R.I.C. and collected valuable information as re their movements, numbers, personnel of their officers.

Period from
1st April ’17 to
31st March ‘18

Paid civilian informants. Sergeants in charge of intelligence and all general police information orders and sometimes secret orders and sometimes secret orders. This information I gave to H.J Hunt and Captain Joseph Barrett. I collected a number of revolver and munition.
Period 3
1917 East Clare Election

I took a prominent part in the organisation of voters in the district also transport arrangements in the East Clare election 1917.
Re-organisation of volunteers and Cumnamban Under H.J. Hunt organised the I.R.A. and formed the 5th Battalion Clare Brigade comprising 10 company areas Corofin, Rath, Kilnaboy, Dysart, Ruan, Cloona, Kilfenora, Carron, New Quay, Kilkeedy numbering about 600 men. I also organised Cum-na-mban in those bay areas within the 5th Battalion.
First public parades since 1916 Those volunteers maintained order in different hostile areas paraded in public and went through military evolutions. The first time the volunteers paraded in public and went through since 1916.
Drill I drilled and made efficient the volunteers in those areas in military exercises.

Batton charges



On several occasions I was one of a party secretly armed with revolvers and carrying openly. Battons ordered to Hostile election areas...

... and took part in several batton charges in Ennis under Col. Patk. Brennan O/C Clare and General Michl Brennan Adgt

Scout Did scout and dispatch riding with motor cycle throughout the whole East Clare area.
Open drill Representation made to G.H.Q After East Clare Election Col. P Brennan O/C Clare made representation to HQ to have Clare made a special area and carry on parades or drill openly in defiance of the British.
Order Issued By order from G.H.Q Clare was declared a special area.
Appointed Vice Commandant
5th Battalion
I was appointed Vice Commandant 5th Battalion. H.J. Hunt Commandant appointments sanctioned by Patk Brennan O/C Clare Brigade I.R.A.
General Parades General I.R.A. Volunteer parades were held throughout the entire 5th Battalion area in command of H.J. Hunt and myself and military evolutions gone through.
R.I.C & military stationed at Corofin
Period (3)
Corofin was district R.I.C. HQ in charge of a district inspector and Head Constable
A company of the H.L.I. (military) were also stationed at Corofin numbering 120 men
At one if those I.R.A parades in Corofin the O/C military ordered H.J. Hunt our O/C to dismiss parade which he refused to do.
Bayonet charges by military A bayonet charge was ordered supported by a machine gun section. We having to retreat before superior equipped enemy forces.
My O/C arrested My O/C H.J. Hunt was arrested in August by R.I.C and charged with illegal drilling. He was tried in Cork by General Court Martial sentenced to imprisonment and sent to Mountjoy.
Acting O/C 5th orders I took command of the 5th battalion. After my O/C being arrested.
Inspections Issuing orders to all Coy. areas to parade publicly. Inspected such Coy parades.
Commanding Battalion parades Ordered Battalion parades to be held in enemy territory Corofin. Taking command of all Battalion parades. Giving orders in section extended & company drill. Three such parades were held under my command.
Conveyed to Cork. Charged under Do. R Regulations
I was arrested on the 16th August 1917 by Head Constable Mc Gurk in charge of a party of R.I.C. I was conveyed to Victoria barracks Cork in charge of Sgt. Brosnahan and party of R.I.C. I was charged with offences against Do. R Regulations.
Tried by G.C.M
sentenced to 2 years H.L.
I was tried by General Court martial at Victoria barracks Cork and sentenced to two years hard labour (one year remitted).
Refused to recognise court I did not plead, I refused to recognise the jurisdiction of the court to try me, it being a court set up by the alien government and I being a soldier of the I. Republic.
Removed to Mountjoy claimed prisoner of war status and political treatment On the 12th September 1917 I was removed to the Mountjoy Prison. As a soldier of the Irish Republic I claimed prisoner of war status and political prisoner’s treatment and refused to wear prison clothes not being a criminal.
H.L prisoners Leaders
Non H.L prisoners their leaders
I was removed to the C wing along with 6 other Irish Republican H.L. prisoners. Thomas Ashe being one of the number. He, we elected as our leader. The non H. L. prisoners were in D wing in charge of Austin Stack, Finian Lynch, Paddy Brennan and Michael Brennan.
Refused to do work-did exercise. The 7 H.L. prisoners refused to do any work or comply with any prison rules. We received worse diet than the usual prison diet and only ½ hours exercise daily.
Broke prison rules on bread and water non H.L. section. On the 17th of September we broke all prison rules and were immediately put in solitary confinement on bread and water. On the 18th September 1917 the non H.L. Irish Republican section followed our lead. They were removed to our wing. The number now totalling 40. The number of Clare men being 15.
Our demands On the 19th September 1917 we rang the cell bells, each man made a demand for exercise.
1917-’18 (Periods)
Demands refused
Association, prisoner of war status, and political treatment. We were refused our demands. That night Thomas Ashe sang “Wrap the Green Flag Round Me” & “Carry your Cross”
Ringing bells continues
Ringing knocked on doors with stools
On 20th we again rang the bells in a more hostile manner and gave our demands which were ignored by the prison authorities. A continued ringing ensued. The enemy muffled the bells. We caused pandemonium by knocking on the doors with the prison stools and broke all prison fittings within our cells.
Stripped of everything including clothing
The din was so great we did not hear the warders rushing our cells until they had us on the floor and stripped us of our boots and removed all movables including bed and clothing leaving only the Bible, prayer book and salt.
Supported by military/ hunger strike The wardens were supported by a company of military stationed in the wing. We declared a hunger strike commencing 10am on the 20th September 1917.
Declared 20th to 30th
without beds sleeping on floor
I went through hunger strike from 20th-30th Sept without boots bed nor clothing sleeping on floor with the bible as a pillow.
Forcible feeding
Lost weight very weak could not stand
I was forcible fed 13 times. I lost 3 stone in weight in 10 days. Being so weak having to be carried to the feeding room. When I tried to talk no sound would issue. When I tried to stand I could only get on my knees and pitch forward unable to get up.
Ashe died. Thomas Ashe died on 25th Sept 1917. As a result of being forcible fed by Dr. Lowe.

Granted political.


On 30th the British granted us political prisoners treatment etc. for political and republican prisoners of all times, but would not recognise us as prisoners of war, thereby giving us the status of being subjects of an Independent state.
Strike declared off The strike was declared off on the 30th Sept at 12p.m. We had won a victory.
British constitution Classes We were the first body of men to have won a distinction to break the British constitution. Our leaders set up military training classes (officers) which I attended. For training efficient officers.
Removed to Dundalk. On the 13th Nov. 1917 we were removed to Dundalk prison.
Agreement broken hunger strike in Dundalk We were declared to be on hunger strike commencing at 8am on that day the British having broken their agreement with us. As the treated as criminals some republican prisoners I was on hunger strike from 13th to 19th Nov at 7 pm. in Dundalk prison.
Cat and Mouse Act I was released under the Cat and Mouse act with Austin Stack, Finian Lynch, Wm Mack.
Carried munition I carried a quantity of .303 munition to Ennis which was received from G.H.Q for Clare.
Returned to Unit

I returned to my unit the 5th Battn Clare Brigade
(Period 3).
Duty as heretofore I took up duty as heretofore, commanding parades etc.
Attended First aid Classes I took a course in first aid Classes
O/C arrested again My O/C H.G. Hunt was again arrested for commanding Battn. Parades at Corofin
I again was in command I again took command of the Battn and Held 3 Battn Parades at Enemy H.Q. Corofin Giving words of Command etc.
1st April ‘18
to 1st March ‘19
I took command of the Cumn na mBan & taught First aid and Military Exercises
Period 4
G.H.Q. gave orders for private Training public parades to be suspended.
Inspected & lectured Coys nightly I issued order to all Coys to parade & train by night. I inspected and lectured to such parades nightly. Training each Coy in warfare, especially attack retreat & surprise.
Liable to arrest
Conscription was passed in April. Being liable to arrest at any time I went on the run so as to to be in a positon to command my unit to resist conscription.
First Aid
Pikes &
Ordered the Cumn-na-mBan to make a first Aid Outfit and Haversack for each man inspected. Same ordered & assisted in the manafacture of munitions & pikes repairs of Firearms
Men without weapons of defence I organised into a labour & destructive unit.
Clare proclaimed under
Martial Law
Clare was proclaimed under martial Law (ceasefire in Ennis) 25,000 British Troops invaded the area with barb wire entanglements on the banks of the Shannon, as the first drive was intended for Clare.
Intelligence & communication
Fighting Unit
I organised an effective system of Intelligence within my area and perfected our lines of communication. I had the Battn in a position to take the field as a fighting unit
German Plot
Volunteers arrested under the German plot who were in charge of rifles & munitions Got in touch with those and secured their arms & munitions
1st April ‘19
31st March ‘20
Our movements reported to enemy
(Period 5) Our movements were being reported to the enemy. I got in touch with the Head Constable in Corofin in Dougall. I received from him all reports they received as to our movements & information as to their movements & orders.
Information received by me got Rifles munition Documents into Safety
Also when raids on Volunteers were to take place. On one occasion when head Constable Dougall had no time to give me warning as he personally was ordered to take charge of the raiding party. He ordered his party to raid the local Hall in the meantime coming himself to my house giving me warning of a raid to take place. I had time to get into safety 2 rifles 600 Rounds .303 munition and documents Roll Books etc. before the raiding party arrived. Head Constable Dougall resigned in 1920
R.I.C. Boycott A boycott of R.I.C. was enforced by our forces and Intelligence as to their movements etc. hard to secure.
In touch
I was ordered to keep in Touch with R.I.C.and collect all information

Information Received

Visited D.I. Mackee

Raid on wounded volunteer

Head Constable Dougall me with all information required which I gave to O/C mid Clare Brigade at Workhouse Ennis. I was also in touch with R.I.C. Ruan Barracks including Bill Carroll. I was one of the first he mentioned the capture of Ruan Barracks to. Visited every night the house where D.I. Mackey was staying (O’Rahilly’s) collected some information & tried to get in touch by purchasing a bicycle from him .D.I. Mackey resigned in 1920
Gave information as to the intentions of the Ennistymon R.I.C. to raid Cloona district for a wounded Volunteer Martin Devitt. He was removed to safety
Reports Courts I reported all information to O/C mid Clare Brigade at Ennis
Helped in the establishment of the Republican Courts
1st April ‘20
31st March ‘21
(Period 6)
Capture Ruan
R.I.C. 18:10:20
On Sunday night 17/10/20 ordered to enemy District H.Q. Corofin on Intelligence and act as scout to avoid further orders and report immediately any unusual occurance or activities of the enemy in connection with the capture of Ruan Barracks.
On the run After capture of Ruan Barracks became a suspect in order to evade arrest went on the run
A member
Of Mid-Clare
I became a member of the member of the Mid Clare A.S.U. under Joseph Barrett O/C columns and took part in all engagements or operations carried on by the column


P. 8
5 Hours Fight

Took part in Monreal ambush 18/12/20, a member of the Mid Clare A.S.U. 33 men at a point 2 miles Ennistymon – Ennis Road to ambush 3 lorries R.I.C. & military S.H. 45 men in a 5 hours fight enemy reinforcements from Ennistymon arriving in 30 minutes 18 of our men having to retreat in 20 mins, leaving 15 to engage the enemy & retreat.

Retreat & again engaged the enemy

Rear guard action


When we had retreated 100 yards the Enemy engaged us with machine gunfire. We had to take cover in a river behind stones about 1 foot high (headcover) and engaged the enemy. We had to silence 3 machine guns before we could again retreat. In the retreat Joseph Barrett & myself fought a rearguard action. I carried one wounded Volunteer Wm McNamara to safety Enemy casualities 14 killed 4 seriously wounded 6 wounded slightly 6 wounded on our side.
Helped Wounded Helped & carried our wounded 5 miles across country to be dressed by Dr. Hillery
Removed Wounded Removed & guarded wounded to place of safety 10 miles distance
1920 – 21
(Period 6)

Guarded Wounded

Caherea Ambush



Guarded wounded & wanted man Bill Carroll for 4 weeks with Joseph Barrett a memberof a mid Clare column of about 15 men in ambush at Caherea 19/1/’21 point 5 miles Ennis – Kilrush Rd. for a party of military.

After being in position all day and about to leave when we were surprised by enemy forces 14 lorries.

Enemy casualties one wounded. Our O/C Frank Barrett slightly wounded

O’Brien Castle
Ambush 12/2/21
Ambush O’Briens Castle Carrahan 12/2/’21 point 5 miles Tulla – Ennis (½ way)
One of the A.S.U. numbering 30 men surprised by Tulla enemy forces after an engagement 3 of our men fully equipped were captured
Adjutant &
I .0. 3rd Battalion
Appointed Adjutant 3rd Battalion mid-Clare Brigade on 9/2/’21 and also appointed Intelligence officer 3rd Battn. Mid Clare Brigade 23/2/’21.
Men home off the run The enemy district O./C.’s in. each district had orders to get men home on the run who were not on the black list
P. 9
made to my

D.I. Scott Ross O/C Enemy Corofin made representation to my people stating that there was no need for me be away from home + I could come home and no understanding undertaking required on his part

Report to O/C
mid Clare
Our Intelligence

Enemy Secret Code

I reported this to O/C mid Clare Frank Barrett that the enemy were trying to get men home. Our Intelligence system having become disorganised and our O/C Frank Barrett received orders from Director of Intelligence to have a man in Corofin to receive Enemy secret Code from Commanders Reynolds of the auxiliaries who were about to be removed to Corofin
Ordered home I was ordered home on Intelligence Special by Brigade O/C Frank Barrett 25/3/’21
Came home I arrived home on the 25th March 1921 & made my appearance at Mass
D.I. Inspector
Scott Ross to
See me
1st April 1921
11th July 1921
(Period 7)
Took up my
old position as
butter buyer
D.I. Scott Ross came to my house that night to see me
I Asked no promised only stated that I need not have left home as there was nothing against me, asking me to get all I could off the run & supply him with their names.
I went about freely taking up my old position as butter buyer so as to have an excuse to move freely & with safety all over the mid-Clare Brigade Area
Carried on work
of adjutant & I.0. within 3rd Battn area
I carried on my work as Adjutant of the 3rd Battn. Mid-Clare Brigade also I.0. I organised a system of Intelligence within my own Battn. effectively Appointing agents unknown to each other thereby keeping a check on all within reach of the enemy.
Mails Raid Got the incoming & outgoing mails raided & captured.

(Period 7) 1921

Intelligence over 35 miles area

Eventually disorganising the Enemy Intelligence system in the area
Acted on intelligence for Brigade in person with the help of agents over areas Ennistymon -  Miltown – Malbay –Kilshanny – Inagh – Ennis West Clare Railway. 3 enemy posts & 3 routes in use by the enemy – covering an area of about 35 miles
Organised Collection of
Rates within Enemy lines
Organised the collection of rates within enemy district Corofin, no collection having taken place or possible prior to I coming home

Communication only read by O/C mid Clare

Danger of Capture of Dispatches


Getting through
& Return “
Enemy lines

All my communications & information being strictly confidential & private & only to be read by O/C mid Clare personally daily & twice daily communications were necessary according to information, I received & enemy activities. The danger of those documents being captured or information reported to the enemy being so great that I personally would have to get through the enemy lines & cycle from 5 to 7 miles leaving between 10 p.m. & 11 p.m. to head into the hands of our first confidential dispatch Rider in a special list of communication on the return having again to get through the enemy lines between12p.m & 1 a.m.
Attend Hand
Ball Court &
mix freely with
the enemy
I used visit every evening the hand ball court next the R.I.C. Barracks Corofin for the purpose of observing the enemy & for the collection of information from some of my agents & give them orders for what I required for next day. I used mix freely with the enemy in this court taking part in a game of ball with them.
Intelligence in
3rd Battn.
Cregmoher Ambush
Dispatch Rider
Result of my information reported within my own battn. 3rd Ambush Cregmoher 1 mile Corofin Ennis Rd. on D.I. Scott Ross & party 10/4/’21 ambush one 1 enemy dispatch - scout & Intelligence man Dromona 4 miles Corofin – Ennis Road Fatally wounded.
Dispatch Rider
Ambush on one enemy dispatch scout & Intelligence man Drumcavan 2 miles Corofin –Ennis Road. attacked by an unarmed Volunteer enemy wounded with his own Webley
Ambush Party
Lay Dromona
Ambush party Brigade A.S.U. lay Dromona 4 miles Corofin – Ennis Rd for 3 lorries of Corofin enemy. Enemy not travelling owing to report by Civilian returned from Ambush site to a shopkeeper in Corofin having reached enemy 17/5/’21



Ambush Clifden one mile west Corofin on one Armoured Lancia & one Crossley Tender water party 15 men R.I.C. & Tans – One enemy wounded enemy retreating having being warned – reinforcements up in 10 minutes
running fight ensued 4/7/’21.
1921 (Period 7)
Enemy confined to barracks
Owing to enemy intelligence system within the 3rd Battn having broken down Enemy were mainly confined to Barracks & hard to get at
Prepared ambush
on milk & Enemy
in Pubs our
forces within
enemy lines
Intended ambush on milk party 200 yards from Enemy Barracks Corofin and intended ambush on Bombing Party in enemy public houses. Enemy confined to Barracks owing to civilians having reported the presence of our forces within the enemy lines
5 Enemy to
Post Letter
180 yds. Distant
To post a letter in daylight it would take an enemy party of 5 with drawn revolvers & bombs to do so P.O. is only 150 yds. Distant from R.I.C. Barracks
Operation on
one special &
2 houses
An operation by a party of our men on one special (civilian) of 2 houses .1 mile distant from enemy Corofin (325 men) owing to intensive auxiliary activities in the particular area the operation was to be carried out
order issued
I countermanded order for our party’s safety party being within 400 yds of enemy at time.
Sgt. R.I.C.
Transfer to
Tralee as H.C.
within 3rd
Reported transfer of Sgt Brosnahan from Corofin to Tralee on promotion his party ambushed before he reached Tralee Suspect captured Kilnamona Coy 3rd - - (abasis) Limerick for information supplied to enemy which led to death of General Wall of our forces in Casey Rd. ambush May 1921. Suspect travelled along Railway line stating he had dispatches for O/C West Clare Brigade. Suspect handed over to Limerick Brigade
Intelligence on
W.C. Rly.
Intelligence on the West Clare Railway took several messages between military Ennistymon & military H.Q. Ennis – messages could not be decifered we not having the code used
Telephone messages
Military Travelling
Telephone Instrument taken by our forces Reported body military travelling from Ennis to Kilrush 4th Battn. A.S.U. in ambush 1½ miles Ennistymon . Ennis party having to retreat owing to enemy having covering road party by Enemy.
Tuder on Tour
of Enemy Posts
in South
First intimation the Director of Intelligence had of General Tuder was on a Tour of inspection of enemy posts in the South of Ireland in June ’21 was from one of my daily reports –Stating met General Tuder at Moy Lahinch on his way to Miltown – Malbay armoured Lancia (Scout) 200yds. advance of – private Car – 2 armoured Lancias 100 yard each apart rear
Golf – Links
Lahinch H.Q.
Our A.S.U.
unable to
get in touch
Party having Golf Links Hotel as Temp.H.Q - result
A section of the mid-Clare A.S.U. in charge of Ignatius O’Neill mainly the 4th Battn. ordered to operate owing to the extensive guarding arrangements. Our A.S.U. were unable to get in touch with their objective.
Traced one
of mayor
McCurtin’s murderers also typist who
was in Cork office
at time
One of Major McCurtin’s murderers had evaded our Intelligence unit and was reported as missing. The D.I. sent to all Brigades description and urgent message to trace the wanted man. I got this order from O/C mid Clare Brigade. Two days after missing man had been in Corofin I traced him to Kilrush where he apparently went to see a typist named O’Sullivan who worked in the District Inspectors office she had been also in the District Inspectors office at Cork the time Mayor Mc Curtin was murdered the had one day start from Kilrush but he was got under observation. I think it was to Limerick he went after leaving Kilrush.
A description
of all enemy
A description of all enemy posts number men, Personnel , Equipment etc. & photos if possible was required by the Director of Intelligence. I supplied some for 8 posts with a sketch of each post.
Located Fitzgerald
(one hand) &
Iogo Received Enemy Secret Code.
I located Fitzgerald (one hand) & his murder gang he was next in command to Tuder His H.Q. were at Corofin also
Iogo who was also in Corofin but under cover. I was ordered to get in touch with Commander Reynolds of the auxiliaries in Corofin & received from him the enemy’s secret code which I did.
Was in command on
3rd Battn. from
7th June–8th July 21

Was in command of the 3rd Battn Mid Clare Brigade from 7th June ’21 to 8th July ‘ 21 my Battn. O/C Séan Casey being sick also kept a constant armed guard on him during his illness.
Highly commended
for Intelligence
Through my Brigade O/C Frank Barrett I was highly commended for intelligence by the Director of Intelligence Michl. Collins.
Volunteer pioneers
I was one of the pioneers of the Volunteers in the district organising & arming all units
Period 8
12th July 19’21
30th June 1922
Collected Levy
Worked intelligence
Was a whole time officer from 12th July ’21 to June 30th ’22 organising, training, supervising police work, supervising & checking rates and collections collected levy imposed by our forces on those that gained by Enemy Custom etc. Worked Intelligence effectively during the period of enemy occupation in Corofin
Deputy Liaison
Was Deputy Liaison officer to Captain Duggan of the 1st Western Div. in Corofin district visiting auxiliaries H.Q’s on duty on several occasions
Period 8
Shooting outrages
public houses
Investigated shooting outrages in the district collected arms from the suspected party enforced the Licencing Laws in the public houses within my district & kept down crime of all description and restored Law & Order.
Enemy Secret
Received from Commander Reynolds of the auxiliaries the enemy secret Code had plans laid to effect the escape of Commander Reynolds who was in detention by the auxiliaries as a machine gun had been stolen by unauthorised personnel on the night of a dance that Commander Reynolds was in command of the guarding arrangements.
Duty as Adjutant
Intelligence officer
of the 3rd Battn.
O/C Training Camp
Camps in 3rd Battn.
Camps in 3rd Battn
Cadet in DW.Camp
Carried on all duties as adjutant of the 3rd Battn. mid-Clare Brigade also my duties as Intelligence officer of the 3rd Battn. mid Clare Brigade was O/C Ballinacally Camp Training camp for Junior officers of the mid-Clare Brigade September 1921 – 3 weeks camp Supervised in training in 3 camps within my own Battn. 3rd Kilnamona Oct. ’21 Dysart Nov. ’21 Kilkeedy Nov. ’21 Training suitable men for Barracks Was a cadet in the divisional first Western Cadets Training Camp under General Michl. Brennan at Ennis Jan.‘22
offered post
Offered post as adjutant with General Michl. Brennan
Group Q.M. Took post as Quarter Master Ennistymon Group 60 men under Joseph Barrett Feb. ’22 4 Barracks Ennistymon, Lisdoonvarna, Miltown Malbay, Liscannor.
Refused to
serve as F.S.officer
to Renmore
Appointed Div.Q.M.1
st Western I.R.A. &
Director of Services
Refused on April 8th ’22 to serve under Gen. M. Brennan as an officer of the regular army of the 1st Western Division I.F.S. An officer in charge of a party of reinforcements to Renmore Military Barracks Galway which was captured by our forces I.R.A. April 1922 – Appointed Divisional Q.M. 1st Western Div. I.R.A. under Divisional O/C Frank Barrett 3/5/’22 also Div.director of special services engineering munitions, medical service, transport & supplies.
Duties as Div.
Carried out my duties as Divisional Q.M. Book – Keeping – Took charge of Div. funds. Captured from Banks. Inspected all Barracks within the Div. etc. Had A/C’s Ready for audit 29th June 1922.
(Period 9)
10th July ’22 –
31st March ‘23
Div. Q.M. Div. Directory
Special Services
Was a Div. Q.M. of the 1st Western Div. I.R.A. Comprising 5 Brigades, East Clare – Mid Clare & West Clare Brigades. South East – South West Galway Brigades O/C Frank Barrett also Div. Director of the following special services at Div. H.Q. Corofin munitions engineering medical services – Transport - supplies
men for
manufacture of
munition & engineering
Secured from G.H.Q. 3 competent men from Kerry , 2 named O’Connors and one Jerry Casey from Castleisland & one man from Limerick Frank Murphy to train a number of men from each Brigade in Engineering & munitions
mines. Filling
Bombs armouring a
I supervised the manufacture of munitions – making & filling of land –mines – filling of Bombs – The armouring of a 60 – 80 H.P.Vauxhall . The requisitioning of a brass gun to be used electrically – Repair of Firearms – manafacture of shells for gun – use & laying of Field Telephones.
First Aid One Sister & one nurse to lecture to 1st aid classes & fit out 1st aid outfits
Evacuated Div.
H.Q. at Corofin
Masked & armed
men Goods
Evacuated Div. H.Q. Corofin in Workhouse & destroyed same on 25th July 1922. Eleven masked & armed men (rifles) raided & luted my house on 26th July 1922, terrorising my mother & sister & took away goods to the value of about £120. for which I did not claim compensation.
A Boycott A boycott of my business was established.

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