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Canon Ball

This cannon ball is one of a pair, found protruding from the ground within the bawn of Tramora Castle, Seafield, near Quilty. It is suspected that these cannon balls may have come from a Spanish Armada vessel, the San Marcos, as it here that prisoners from the ship were gathered in 1588 before their execution at Spanish Point. It weights approximately 4.7 kgs and is heavily rusted.

Further research indicates that this tower house also witnessed a number of battles in the 16th century, including when Teigh Caech McMahon with the help of the Earl of Desmond stormed the castle on 17 February 1599. The next attack was by O'Flaherty from Connacht on 1 May 1642, when Peter Ward, his wife and heir were slain. The canon ball could also have originated during these periods of conflict.


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