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April - June 2002

The photographs opposite are of memorabilia from the Dr Patrick Hillery Collection, donated to Clare Museum during the period April - June 2002.

Patrick John Hillery was born on 2 May, 1923 at Miltown Malbay Co Clare. Educated at Rockwell College and University College Dublin, he graduated as a Doctor of Medicine, following in the footsteps of his father.

In 1951, however, he entered politics winning a seat for Fianna Fáil in Clare. He held a number of government portfolios over the next three decades:

  • 1959-1965 Minister for Education
  • 1965-1966 Minister for Industry and Commerce
  • 1966-1969 Minister for Labour
  • 1969-1972 Minister for External Affairs

The outbreak of the troubles in Northern Ireland was one of the problems that dominated the Hillery period as Minister for External Affairs, while he was also central to Irish negotiations for entry to the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973. Indeed, he served as Ireland's first European Commissioner from 1973-1976.

Dr Hillery stood for the Presidential Election of 1976, following the resignation of President O'Dalaigh and was elected unopposed on 3 December 1976, serving a second term from 1983-1990. Upon the expiry of his second term, Dr Hillery retired from public life.

One of the functions of the President is to represent the people of Ireland. In doing so, the President receives foreign heads of state and makes state visits abroad. Another function is to acknowledge the value of community and self-help groups, by opening community halls and attending functions.

Both of these duties are reflected in this collection of memorabilia, the bulk of which was presented to Dr Hillery at functions while serving as President of Ireland.

Dr Patrick Hillery married his wife Maeve in 1955. They now divide their time between their homes in Dublin and Spanish Point.

Rockwell College
University College Dublin
European Economic Community

Atmosphere Shot of the Foyer

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New York Anniversary / World's Fair Plaque 1964-65 (2002.81) obverse
New York Anniversary / World's Fair Plaque 1964-65 (2002.81) reverse
John Doorley Decorated Plate (2002.78)
Irish Decimal Coins (2002.75)
Killaloe Farewell Address (2002.65)
Silver Ornament (2002.101)
Decorated Silver Tray, Ref: 2002.102
Model Train (2002.103)
Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland Medal (2002.74)
Daniel O'Connell Jug (2002.76)
Matt Talbot Community Presentation (2002.86)
Clonakilty Hall Plaque (2002.88)
Set of Japanese Plates (2002.105)
Japanese Ceramic Plate (2002.108)
Japanese Scroll (2002.107)
Japanese Presentation (2002.106)
Ronald Reagan Paper Weight (2002.99)
Nancy Reagan Basket of Strawberries (2002.100)
Decorated Plate, Italy (2002.109)
Hutt Valley Irish Society, Plate (2002.104)
Mount Isa Glasses and Silver Spoon (2002.95)
Chaim Hertzog Ancient Medical Instruments (2002.98)
Australian Sapphire (2002.94)
NIHE Handcut Crystal Vase (2002.84)
Dingle Pottery Plate (2002.80)
Irish National Heritage Park Wood Carving (2002.85)
Irish Kidney Association Handcut Crystal (2002.79)
Tip O'Neill Nantucket Cookie Jar (2000.278)
Replica of Canberra Tower  (2002.93)
Kilrush Golf and Sports Club Honorary Life Membership (2002.60)
Book from Bobbio, Italy (2002.110)
Painting (2002.64)
Kilkee Town Commissioners Plaque (2002.63)
Crystal Letter Opener (2002.77)
Martin Devitt Plaque (2002.61)
Print of the Custom House, Dublin (2002.66)
Glass Bowl (2002.90)
Ford European Conservation Awards Trophy  (2002.82)
Adare Manor Scroll (2002.89)
Di Docia Jug, Ref: 2002.97.8
Di Docia Tea Cup, Ref: 2002.97.1
Di Docia Condiment, Ref: 2002.97.6
Di Docia Tea Set, Ref: 2002.97
Di Docia Sugar Bowl, Ref: 2002.97.9
Di Docia Decorated Tray, Ref: 2002.97.11


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