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January - March 2002

The photographs opposite are of a collection of Weights and Measures Standards donated to Clare Museum during the period January - March 2002.

This collection of weights and measures were once used by the Garda Siochana to check the accuracy of weights and measures in retail and wholesale outlets in County Clare until the late 1970's, and had been stored in Ennis Courthouse prior to donation.

The practice of weights and measures inspection had been carried out by the Royal Irish Constabulary from the 1850's on, and was continued when the Garda Siochana, the new police force, was founded in the Republic of Ireland after independence. Each Garda station had responsibility for policing the Weights and Measures in a defined local area, and the examples shown here, were used in Ennis and Kilrush inspection areas.

Although Ireland is officially a metric country, unofficially both systems exist side-by-side. For example, Irish road signs are often show distances in miles.

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1 Fluid Ounce Measure (2002.4)
Peek Measure (2002.15.2)
Half Peek Measure (2002.15.1)
2lb Brass Bell Weight (2002.6.10)
1 Gallon Measure (2002.2.6)
1,000ml Glass Measure (2002.10.1)
One Bushel Measure (2002.15.3)
Box of Weights (2002.6.1-8)
28lb Weight (2002.1.2)
7lb Brass Bell Weight (2002.6.12)
Half Pint Measure (2002.2.4)
One Pint Measure (2002.2.5)
Quarter Gill Measure (2002.2.1)
56 lb Weight (2002.1.3)
Half Gill Measure (2002.2.2)
One Imperial Quart (2002.2.7)
Half Gallon (2002.2.8)
One Pint Measure (2002.3.3)
14lb Weight (2002.1.1)
Beam Scales (2002.22.1-3)
Half Bushel (2002.17.1)
Half Pint Glass Measure (2002.3.2)
1lb Brass Bell Weight (2002.6.9)
One Gill Measure (2002.2.3)
56lb Beam Scales (2002.22.4)
Bushel Measure (2002.15.3)
Yard Stick (2002.9)


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