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Cemetery Cairns -  Monuments of County Clare
Cemetery cairns are stone burial mounds, usually found on hill-tops. The larger cairns contain megalithic tombs, e.g. passage-tombs, portal-tombs or wedge-tombs. The smaller cairns cover more simple burials, the usual type of grave found in these cairns being cists. Cairns are generally circular in profile, but can also be oval or D-shaped. There are five known recorded cemetery cairns in County Clare.

Photos of cemetery cairns

Map of the cemetery cairns of Clare

[Ballyneillan] Cemetery Cairn

Penitential Station/Cairn, Fahee South
[Baur North] Cemetery Cairn
[Fahee South] Cemetery Cairn
[Poulawack] Cemetery Cairn  
[Poulnabrucky] Cemetery Cairn  
Sheshymore] Cemetery Cairn  
[Tullycommon] Cemetery Cairn  
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