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James Delargy and the Storymen of North Clare by Michael MacMahon



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3. To the Doolin people, as, indeed, to most of his friends, he was known simply as ‘Delargy’ and that is the form of the name that will be used throughout this paper.

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9. The rather unusual figure can be explained by the fact that it represented £100 for each of the thirty-two counties.

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14. It is pronounced as ‘Luke’. In Irish it appears variously as ‘Lúch’ and ‘Luach’.

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24. In the Spring of 1933 on Delargy’s recommendation Stiofán was one of the people visited by the American anthropologist, Conrad Arnsberg, one of a team of academics from Harvard which carried out archaeological and anthropological research in Ireland in the period 1931-1936. These studies resulted in the publication of The Irish Countryman (1937) and Family and Community in Ireland (1940). In his diary Arnsberg mentions that the old man’s sight was then getting bad.

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27. Though Stiofán’s grave is now not known, the storyteller himself has not been forgotten by the people of Doolin. This writer was pleased to be invited in the millennial year of 2000 to unveil a plaque in memory of Stiofán and the other members of Delargy’s ‘Doolin Circle’ in the reception area of the new Miko Russell Heritage and Community Centre at Doolin.

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Leabhar Stiofáin Uí Ealoire