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Slater's Directory, 1846

Part 1: Ennis with the village of Clare and neighbourhoods:
Nobility, Gentry & Clergy

Arthur, William, Esq., Bindon st.
Blood, Bindon, Esq., M. R. I. A., Cranaher and Bindon st.
Carrick, Pierse, Esq., Larch hill
Crowe, Capt. John, Bindon st.
Crowe, Robert, Esq., Jail st.
Crowe, Thomas, Esq., the Abbey
Finucane, Michael, Esq., Stamer Park
Fitzgerald, Gerald, Esq., New Bridge rw.
Floyd, Miss Teresa, Jail st.
Greene, Mrs. William, Bindon st.
Hennessy, Rev. Patrick, Jail st.
Heyns, Miss Mary, Causeway.
Kean, William, Esq., Bindon st.
Keane, Miss Rebecca, Jail st.
Kerin, John, Esq., Arthur's row
Knox, Mrs. Frances, Jail st.
Knox, John B., Esq., Jail st.
Leyne, Capt. Richard, Bindon st.
McDonald, John, Esq., New Hall
McMahon, John, Esq., Skahana
McMahon, Patrick, Esq., Mill st.
McMamara, Michael, Esq., Jail st.
McMamara, W. N., Esq., M.P., Doolan
Mahon, Thomas, Esq., Green Lawn
Mahony, Rev. Thomas, Jail st.
Martin, James Harris, Esq., (coroner) Cahircalla
Murphy, Rev. Henry, Green Park
O'Brien, John, Esq., M.P. Carnelly
O'Brien, Sir Lucius, Bart, Dromoland Castle
O'Brien, Mr. Michael, Mill road
O'Brien, Cornelius, Esq., M.P., Birchfld
O'Connell, Daniel, Esq., Tuoreen
O'Dwyer, Mrs. Anne, Jail st.
O'Dwyer, James, Esq., New Park
O'Gorman, Rev. Patrick, New Hall
O'Gorman, James, Esq., Causeway
O'Kelly, John, Esq., Waterville
O'Shaughnessy, the Very Rev. Terence (dean), Jail st.
Pilkington, Mrs. Anne, Waterpark
Pilkington, Thomas, Esq., Waterpark
Quinlivan, Rev. Michael, New Hall
Spellissy, Mrs. Ellen, Jail st.
Stamer, Pierse, Esq., Clare
Studdert, Rev. Francis P., Clare Glebe
Taylor, Captain E. J., Jail st.
Trousdell, George, Esq., Bindon st.
Trousdell, William, Esq., Abbey View Cottage
Tymons, Mrs. Anne, New Bridge row
Wall, Capt. Richd., New Bridge row
Whitstone, Thomas, Esq., (coroner), Bindon st.


Part 1: Ennis: Post Office & Transport


Part 1: Ennis: Academies and Schools