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Slater's Directory, 1846

Part 5: Kilkee: Gentry, Clergy and Places of Worship

Comyn, Rev. Jno., Summerhill Cottage.
Comyn, Rev. Michl. P.P., Repeal Cottage.
Comyn, Mr. Richd., Temperance road.
Cox, Mr. Matthew, Francis st.
Fitzgerald, Capt. G.H., Desmond Villa.
Fitzgerald, Rbt., Esq., Donobuoy Cottage.
Hartney, Rev. Mortimer, Repeal Cottage.
McMahon, Michael, Esq., Albert road.
Martin, Rev. James, Sand-park Lodge.
O'Brien, Rev. Wm., Repeal Cottage.
Ryan, Mr. John, Francis st.
Studdart, Joseph, Esq., Atlantic House.

Places of Worship,
(And their Ministers)

ESTABLISHED CHURCH Rev. James Martin, vicar, Sand-park Lodge.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHAPEL Reverend Michael Comyn, Repeal Cottage; Rev. William O'Brien and Rev. Mortimer Hartney, Repeal Cottage.


Part 5: Kilkee:
Post Office, Cars


Part 5: Kilkee:
Professional Persons, including Schools