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RC Baptism Records for Sixmilebridge Parish, 1828-1881

Title: RC Baptism Records for Sixmilebridge Parish
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1828 to 1881
Place: RC Parish of Sixmilebridge

Sixmilebridge RC Baptism Registers 1828-1839
NLI Film 02474/04
Sixmilebridge RC Baptism Registers 1840-1864
NLI Film 02474/05
Sixmilebridge RC Baptism Registers 1865-1881
NLI Film 02474/06

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy
Transcriber Notes:

Transcriber has translated (from Latin) the first names of the parents and sponsors, but has left the first names of the children in Latin so that locating the original entry is not made more difficult. An unusual feature of these baptisms is that sometimes the name of the priest performing the baptism is given first, so extra care is needed when checking the original.

Transcriber found it impossible to distinguish between Regan and Ryan. It is important to take this into account when researching either of those names. There are other mistakes as well.

Seven baptisms had been entered by mistake in the register of marriages 1840 - 1864. Three of those baptisms had been entered also in the register of baptisms, but 4 had not. Transcriber has inserted those 4 baptisms in the Baptism transcription 1840-1864 - they are in red - dates are 24/2/1845 and 17/2/1850 (three entries).

These baptisms can be checked against the civil records of births: (look under Ennis), but transcriber has not done that.

Registers by Date (all .xlsx format)
1828-1839 1840-1864 1865-1881

Registers by Father's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1828-1839 1840-1864 1865-1881

Registers by Mother's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1828-1839 1840-1864   1865-1881

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