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Donated Material: Court Reports and Legal Records (including Evictions)

Petition of Mary Kerin Widow concerning her dispute with James Kenny Archdeacon of Kilfenora over tithes, 1819, donated by Margaret Gallery.

This petition of Mary Kerin was made to Earl Talbot, Lord Lieutenant, Dublin Castle and was certified by John Kerin, special bailiff, Ennistymond (modern day Ennistymon) Post Office, Co Clare. At the time of the petition all people (or most) were obliged to pay tithes to the Church of Ireland church. The petition is held in the National Archives of Ireland, Chief Secretary’s Papers CSO/RP/1819/545.

Petition against James Kenny by Mary Kerin, October 23 1819

To his excellency the Lord Lieutenant the petition of Mary Kerin widow humbly forthwith,

That you excellency’s petitioner is a widow these 12 years by honest industry does provide for her children marrying daughters and educating her sons, that in doing so herself was under the necessity of earning her board from one of her sons as house keeper , that in this situation an only cow she possessed was wrongfully, illegally and forcibly taken by Archdeacon James Kenny for tyths said to be due of a man of Augustine Kerin with whom your petitioner has no concern, herself beaten, cut and left for dead and the said act done long after. That you petitioner was long being a poor woman before she got any reliefs, that lately she pursued the Archdeacon James Kenny for price of the said cow and by finding of 12 men on their oaths got a decree for the sum of 6 pounds sixteen shllings and sixpence with cost and did seize on sufficient animas for the payment of said sum but when one of Petitioners attended by an assistant was driving sheep to the pound of Ennistymon they were pursued by the Archdeacon James Kenny who in the hearing of the special bailiff called out his servants viz Thomas McInerney his gardener a man under bail, Michael Spellicy his man servant, Tim Quely his heards man who all commanded by the said Archdeacon James Kenny did pursue, overtake and on the high road to Ennistymond did attack the special bailiff and his assistants with stones and thence there did put them in fear of their lives and by force did rescue the cattle and so by virtue of the 3rd degree in their possession special bailiff and assistants were obliged to take to flight for fear of being murdered by the said Archdeacon Kenny and his Unlawful gang. Under these circumstances your petitioner throws herself again on the laws of the county on made information which were to have been sworn to by the special bailiff in in 3rd peace but your excellency poor petitioner was disappointed by the corrupt influence of the said Archdeacon James Kenny when your petitioner ---alty John Kerin attended by a second person appeared before John Lysaght Esquire of Ballyvorda, a farmer of considerable tyths as the next magistrate to the archdeacon Kenny he was refused a warrant against the miscreants on the said John Kerin requesting that he should take his information and give it himself to have it conveyed to the crown office for fear of being mislaid. Then said John Lysaght that he would not as Dr James Kenny was his, John Lysaght’s relation, your petitioner is left without reliefs as other magistrates say why has not Mr Lysaght signed your information. As your petitioner has been materially injured after the transaction of the cow and by other very offensive acts such as refusing to take his tyths in kind when he found corn at four shillings the small barrel for the next year leying by this in kind for 2 years out of one years crop was at £2 10 per barrel which acts your petitioner did through your Excelency receive satisfaction against the magistrate and the said enquirer will endeavour to bring before the public. Your petitioner therefore with the greatest humility most humbly prays your excellency will do in the premises whatever appear meet and just.
October 23 1819


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