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Donated Material: Emigration Records

Clare-Australasia Emigrants Dataset

Title: Clare-Australasia Emigrants Dataset Database by Entry
Type of Material: Emigration Records
Dates: 19th & 20th Centuries  
Places: County Clare; Australia; New Zealand Database by Surname
Source: Various Emigration Records
Transcriber/Donator: Various Transcribers  

The Clare-Australasia Emigrants dataset is made up of contributions sent to the website in 2005 and updated by some of the contributors in June 2007. It was collated by Paddy Casey (Bern, Switzerland).

Each line of the dataset documents an individual emigrant and includes the name and contact details of the contributor. The contributor was asked to enter the names of the emigrant's townland and parish directly or select them from a picklist of standard townland and parish names. Hence the column headings "Townland name taken from picklist" and "Townland name entered as free text", respectively, and "Parish name taken from picklist" and "Parish name entered as free text". The data is "as contributed" and includes a few obvious mismatches between some townlands and their parishes which have been left as they were submitted.

If you would like to add records to this database please email them with the term "Donations: Clare-Aus" in the subject field to using the headings below for the material, where applicable. Simply copy-and-paste the list of headings into your email and add your data next to each heading. If your data is on an Excel or Access table, or a Word document, send these as attachments.

Townland Name taken from picklist
Townland name entered as free text
Parish name taken from picklist
Parish name entered as free text
Date of birth
Date of emigration
Port of departure
Name of ship
Place of arrival
Residence(s) in Australasia
Website on which history of this family or person is published
Email address at which researcher can be contacted

Database by Entry

Database by Surname

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