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Donated Material: Emigration Records

Immigration Route of Donogh, Terence and Bryan Fergus O’Loghlin, 1849

Title: Immigration Route of Donogh, Terence and Bryan Fergus O’Loghlin, 1849
Type of Material: Map
Dates: 1849
Places: Cullaun, Rathborney; U.S.A.
Source: Memoir
Author/Donor: Ben Bares, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Immigration route

Donogh, Terence and Bryan Fergus O’Loghlin left Cullaun, in Rathborney Parish for Limerick, early in September 1849. They were sons of Michael O’Loghlin and Bridget Talty who also had a farm at Glendine South, Kilfarboy Parish where Griffith's Valuation shows Laurence O’Loghlin as the owner. Three other sons of Bridget and Michael - Andrew, Peter and Charles - also emigrated to the USA. Charles later returned to found O’Loghlin's shop at Ennistymon.

O'Loughlin's Drapery

O’Loughlin’s Drapery, Ennistymon. Photo: Michael John Glynne Collection

Bryan Fergus went on to have a large family and lived in Wisconsin until his death in 1899.
Terrence bought a farm in Wisconsin, while Donogh (Donnacha) died of pneumonia during the spring of 1850. Wisconsin at that time was a pioneer territory and only became a State in 1848.

Donnacha compiled a Manuscript c. 1845. This was deposited in the National Library of Ireland by Roddy O’Loghlin of Ennistymon - accession no. 5522.

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