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McDonagh / McDonogh / McDonough Timeline, 1709-1820
County Clare, Ireland.
donated by Michael O’Loghlen, Q.C.

Assembled to complement the Kerin Timeline

1709. List of Roman Catholics who have taken the oaths (of abjuration and allegiance). Between 70 and 75 names, including Butler; Cahane; Clanchy; Grady; Hehir; McDonnogh; Molony; O’Connell; Stacpoole; and White.
[John Ainsworth (ed), Inchiquin Manuscripts, number 1895, p 643]

1709. Letter dated 16 August 1709, written by Connor McDonogh from Balshanny to Donogh O’Brien, mentions the writer’s father Daniel McDonogh (as to whom, cf Ainsworth nos 1158; 1541, and 1554).

1717. Conor McDonagh. Barbara McDonagh, widow, both tenants. Capt Charles McDonagh.
[Will of Sir Donat O’Brien,1717. Registry of Deeds, Dublin]

1729. Daniel McDonogh.
Bill entered in Chancery brought by Edward Wycombe, Plaintiff, names as Defendants, Thomas Shone, Daniel McDonogh, Michael McNemera; Torlogh O’Loghlin, Joseph McNemera; Bartholomew McNemera; Henry Thornton.
[Chancery, 14 July 1729]
Likely concerns land in vicinity of Ballyvaughan.

c1738. Hugh O’Loghlen married Miss McDonogh, perhaps of Toonagh.
Note: Hugh’s sister, Margaret (Mrs William O’Brien), had a daughter, Joan, who married her O’Brien cousin, Bartholomew McDonogh, himself a son of Daniel McDonogh who m1737, d1770.
(Marriage settlement 4 Jun 1737. Daniel McDonough of Cork, merchant, son of .....MacDonough and Ellinor Hehir, of Corofin.)

1739. Fr Patrick McDonough.
A good example of a wealthy cleric returned from France is Fr Patrick McDonough of Kilfenora, who lived in Ennis in the 1740s. With the money he had accumulated he was able to secure the livelihoods of his nieces and nephews, and safeguard the futures of the generations following. For McDonough's will see see Archivium Hibernicum, vol. 3 (1914), pp. 190-92; see also Ignatius Murphy, Diocese of Killaloe in the Eighteenth Century (Dublin, 1991), pp. 79-81, 254.
In passing, Fr McDonough, who was coadjutor bishop of Killaloe from 1739 to 1752, seems associated with Freemasons Lodge number 60, Ennis during the 1740s.

1745. Charles McDonogh, tenant, no other details.
[Inchiquin Manuscripts, no 1564, p 567]

1749. Ellinor McDonogh of Townagh, Clare, widow. Will dated 27 July 1849. Probate 7 May 1852.
Husband, John McDonogh.
Stepson, Daniel McDonogh with daughter Ellinor.
Nephew, Connor Hehir.
Former husband, James Davoren of Lisdoonvarna.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, no 280, p 107]
Note: As to this James Davoren of Lisdoonvarna, died 1725, and some of his family, see Betham Genealogical Abstract, 1725. No children mentioned.
To give context-
James O'Davoren resided in the townland of Lisdoonvarna, where the remains of his house can still be seen. At the time of his death, although a ‘papist,’ he was possessed of an enormous estate - the cause of much law in after years. His marriage articles are dated 4th November, 1686; his will 12th May, 1725, and he died (s.p.) 31st July same year.
[George U Macnamara, O’Davorens of Cahermacnaughton, Burren, part 2, p 200 (Limerick, 1912-13), footnote 59.]
Earlier, James Davoren of Lisdoonvarna. Both James and a Charles MacDonogh, Ballykeale, Kilfenora each provided £50.00 surety for Fr William Daly of Kilfenora.
[Ennis Inquisition 11th July 1704, Frost p 558]

1750. Nicholas McDonogh of Beaghagh?, Clare. Will dated 15 March 1750. Probate 10 June 1851.
Wife, Joan.
Brother, Francis McDonogh.
Nephews etc, O’Brien.
Relatives, Hogan.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, no 252, p 96]

1752. Patrick McDonogh.
Compare, 1752, at the Church of Ireland Kilfenora Cathedral, the inscription, “Here lie the remains of Dr Patrick McDonogh son of the above Donaldus and grandson of the Craven ...”: tomb of Donaldus McDonogh and his wife, Maria O’Connor, 1685. [Kilfenora Cathedral, County Clare Library]

1752. Patrick McDonogh, gent, of Ennis.
Will dated 1 March 1752; Probate 23 May 1752.
Brother, Charles McDonogh.
Nephews, Neptune Blood; Anthony McDonogh; Michael Kerin; Timothy Kerin, and Henry McDonogh.
Kinsman, Anthony McDonogh.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, 1752, no 282. Pages 107-08]

Anthony McDonogh (presumably one of the above two men named Anthony McDonogh). Will dated 11 May 1760; Probate 10 August 1760/1. He was of Hillsborough, Clare, gent.
Sister, Ellinor Thyn (nee McDonogh).
Brother, Martin McDonogh.
Cousin, Connor McDonogh, only son of Daniel McDonogh.
John McDonogh, eldest son of kinsman Henry McDonogh, brother of said Daniel McDonogh.
Father in law, Thomas O’Brien.
First cousins, John Kerin and Neptune Blood.
Sister, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
Relation, Molly O’Loghlin; son Michael.
[Betham Genealogical Abstract, 1760, no 126, pages 51-2]
Hillsborough: Perhaps Hillsborough House in Aughrim Kelly, parish of Dysert.

1754. Deed dated 24 June 1754, whereby Daniel McDonogh of Townagh, Clare in consideration of £87-15-3, granted to William Fitzgerald of Lahardan, Clare, Daniel McDonogh’s title to the farm and lands of Dromore, Barony of Inchiquin to hold etc.
Witnesses named.
Sworn at Dublin 13 July 1754. Registered by William Fitzgerald 13 July 1754.
[Crossle Genealogical Abstract, 1754]
Lahardan parish of Inchicronan (Crusheen).
Born in Cappa, in the county of Clare, in the year 1798….. Like many other distinguished Irishmen, John Gregg was the offspring of a mixed marriage. His father was a Protestant gentleman of the county Clare, and his mother (Barbara Fitzgerald) was a Catholic, the daughter of William Fitzgerald, Esq, of Lahardin, in the same county. By the latter parent he was first cousin of the Right Honourable Vesey Fitzgerald, afterwards Lord Fitzgerald and Vesey ...
[An article in Clare Freeman, Wed 29 May 1878 concerning John Gregg, Bishop of Cork.]

1768. Died near Ennis, John McDonogh aged 138
[Freeman’s Journal, 9 April 1768]
[Faulkner’s Dublin Journal, 12 April 1768]

1779. Advertisement. To be let, the lands of Fiagh otherwise Carraghane (156 Acres) now in the tenancy of Anthony McDonough, in Tulla
[Clare Journal, 14 October 1779]

1788. Charles McDonagh, surgeon, and M.M., Gaol Street, Ennis.
[Richard Lucas, General Directory (Ennis), 1788 in Brian O’Dalaigh, Corporation Book of Ennis (1990), p 405]

1789. We the inhabitants of Ennis and its vicinity think it incumbent on us, thus publicly to return our thanks to MCGM & Co for their spirited exertions in running an excellent Coach and good Horses, three times a week, from this town to Ballinasloe, thence to Dublin, and back again ...
Long list of names appended, including- Colman O’Laughlin. Andrew Kerin. John Kerin. Joseph Kerin. C McDonough MD. Rev M Fitzgerald. Michael Kerin. James Kerin. F Finucane MD. Thomas A Brew. Thomas Lysaght.
(Enright, noticeably absent from list)
[Dublin Evening News, 23 July 1789]
Charles McDonogh MD died 1795, see later in this Timeline.
Rev Michael Fitzgerald (MA, TCD 1783) was principal of the Ennis school from 1782 until his death in 1831.
Dr Francis Finucane died before 1804: Ennis – January 26 1804: Died, Yesterday morning, Mr. Bryan Finucane, son of the late Francis Finucane, of this town, Esq. M.D.[ Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser, microfilm, retrieved by Edward O’Loghlen]
The Ennis Fly Coach ran from Mrs O’Laughlin’s, Ennis to Sandy’s Hotel, Smithfield, Dublin [Saunders Newsletter, 20 June 1789]

1789. Married on Wednesday 19th, Mr James McDonough of Killaloe to Miss Ann Vaughan of Scarriff
[Clonmel Gazette, 26 August 1789]

1790. Died this morning in the 78th year of his age Daniel McDonough formerly of Toonagh, Clare
[Ennis Chronicle, 1 November 1790]

1793. Died at Ennis, Mrs McDonough wife of Charles McDonough MD
[Ennis Chronicle, 4 March 1793; Clonmel Gazette, 13 March 1793]

1795. Dr Charles McDonogh died in February 1795, aged 37 years, at his house in Jail Street, Ennis [Ennis Chronicle, 2 March 1795]

1795. Charles McDonogh MD of Ennis. Will dated 21 January 1795, Probate 24 August 1799.
Children: Anthony; Lucy Anne; Charles; Mary Anne.
Brothers, Andrew and John Kerin., Brother in law, Francis McMahon Junior.
[ Betham Genealogical Abstract]

1795. Advert: To be sold by auction, by Messrs John and Andrew Kerin at Clonroad Fair Place on the 24th inst, the several horses of the late Charles McDonogh, Esq MD.
[Ennis Chronicle, 17 July 1795]
See also 1807.

1796. Miss Margaret McDonough, Stamp Office, Ennis
[ Ennis Chronicle, 22 August 1796]
She died in 1805-
Yesterday morning at her house in Church Street Ennis, Miss Margaret McDonough, daughter of the late Daniel McDonogh of Toonagh
[ Clare Journal, 1 July 1805]
She had a sister, Mary, died 1819-
At her house in Church Street, Miss Mary McDonogh
[Clare Journal, 23 August 1819]

1804. Yesterday at Galway, Terence O’Brien of Poplar, Clare to Miss Mary Anne McDonough, daughter of Miles McDonogh of said town.
[Ennis Chronicle, 1 October 1804]

1804. Death at Killaloe of Rev Mr McDonogh, parish priest of Killaloe.

1805. Marriage of John Stacpoole of Berry Lodge to Miss McDonogh, daughter of the late William McDonough
[Ennis Chronicle, 2 September 1805]

1807. To Be Let.
From the first day of May next
For such term as may be agreed on
The House and Lands of Hillsborough, situate within three miles of Ennis, ..... containing 88 acres ........
Proposals, in writing to be received by Messrs. Andrew Kerin, Ballyally, John Kerin, Rockview, and Francis McMahon, Junior, Cahirmakerrilla, (Executors of the late Charles McDonogh, M.D.) who will close with a solvent tenant ......
[Ennis Chronicle, 11 February 1807, retrieved by Declan Barron. See also Ennis Chronicle, 7 March 1807]

1810. Died yesterday at Roseville (Ennis), Mrs Carroll relict of the late Hampton Carroll and daughter of the late Charles McDonogh MD, in her 27th year.
[Ennis Chronicle, 25 April 1810]
Note: Hampton John Carroll, attorney, died 1808. According to the Kings Inns Admissions Papers he was the
3rd son of William Carroll of Ennis, deceased, and Sarah Hampton. Educated Ennis. Over 17 years (affidavit of mother, 1796). Admitted 1802.

1810. Death of Mrs McDonogh, wife of Mr Peter McDonough
[Clare Journal, 11 October 1810]

1813. Married at Rockview, Clare, Luke Rowe (of Limerick) to Miss Mary Anne McDonough, daughter of the late Anthony McDonogh MD of Ennis
[Limerick Evening Post, 1813]
Note: Lucas, General Directory (Ennis), 1788 mentions Charles McDonogh MD but not “Anthony” McDonogh MD. Probably, Mary Anne McDonough was a daughter of Charles McDonogh MD, see his Will.

1818. Died at Killaloe, Mrs McDonogh, wife of Mr Patrick McDonough
[Ennis Chronicle, 30 December 1818]

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