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Survey of the McInerney Sept of Thomond by Luke McInerney, M.A.
18th Century Mc Con Mara Pedigree

   RIA MS 23 N12.pdf

The author of this manuscript lived during the 18th century and the original is held in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. This a pedigree of the McCon Mara (McNamara) family of East Clare showing the genealogical connection with the McInerney and O'Mulqueeny families whose respective projenitors were brothers of CuMara Mac Con Mara (d.1151). The pedigree is particularly important from a McInerney point of view as it confirms the connection to the leading derbhfine of the McConMaras and places the life of McInerney projenitor - Donnchadha Mac Con mara - to the mid 12th century. Other Genealogcial pedigrees refer to Donnchadha as the 'airchinneah' (erenagh), possibly located at Killaloe.

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