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Patrick Frost of Smithstown and Drumline:
Appendix I

Title: Patrick Frost of Smithstown and Drumline
Type of Material: Family History
Places: Smithstown, Drumline, Rossmanagher, Ballymorris; Bunratty
Dates: 1785 - 1851
Source: Frost; O’Donoghue; Clancy; Lyons;
Transcriber/Donator: Flan Enright

Threatening Notice 1838 (Frost)

L C* gives this notice to the Public that any man who attempts to work one day for Frost of Smithstown this year upon any account may prepare for the other world he will die as soon as possible after working for the Spy. And before he dies he can warm himself to his own fire for his house and every thing in it will be burnt to ashes. Frost is an Orangeman a Spy and a cut throat. he hates everyman gentleman and poor man, for fear he did not show the publick enough of his gizzard he refuses letting the water of the poor peoples potatoes at Ballycasey until the greater part of the provision of that fine field are lost. this Spy and his orange hounds of brats of Brats are never tired of envying the poor. But we will make him as tired of his behaviour towards us as he was of his life when he went to earn the price of a Coat as Kidnapper under the Red Jacket to Sixmilebridge. Frost thinks that we are dead. But we are still alive and alive we will be felt before it is long. I hear a few lowlived miserable wretches went to the kidnapper a few days of the week But I hope for their own sake they will take this notice unless the blind buffers and bastards Perrys may for their mock as we know they are not able to pay otherwise, but I tell them to have little to say

*L C probably stands for ‘Lady Clare’.

Patrick Frost