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Donated Material: Mortuary Cards
Main family names:
Mortuary Cards from Co. Clare
Baker, Casey, Griffey, O'Grady, Roseingrave, Ryan
Corofin, Crusheen, Ennis, Quin, Tubber
Mortuary Cards
Paddy Casey, Bern, Switzerland

Christina (Teenie) O'Grady, née Casey, of Blakemount House, Tubber, Co.Clare, born 27th November 1928, died 11th March 2005. (photograph)

Daniel Baker of Quin Gardens, Quin, Ennis, Co.Clare, died 17th March 1974 aged 85 years. (photograph)

James (Jimmy) Casey of Rineen, Corofin, Co.Clare, died 8th December 2001 aged 85 years. (photograph)

James (Jimmy) Ryan of Castlequarter, Tubber, Co.Clare, died 9th March 1997 aged 58 years. (photograph)

Mary Anne Griffey, née Baker of Lahardan, Crusheen, Co.Clare, died 30th May 1964 aged 83 years. (photograph)

May Ryan of Tubber, Co.Clare, died 16th April 1978 aged 77 years. (photograph)

Michael Joseph Baker of Glenaire, Sandfield Park, Ennis, Co.Clare, died 26th August 1966 aged 81 years. (photograph)

Michael Roseingrave of Ballyline, Crusheen, Co.Clare, died 14th July 1992 aged 79 years. (photograph)

Michael Casey of Monreagh, Tubber, Co.Clare, died 13th August 1987 aged 62 years. (photograph)

Patrick Ryan of Castlequarter, Tubber, Co.Clare, died 10th February 1995 aged 61 years. (photograph)

Thomas Baker of Carhukeal, Crusheen, Co.Clare, died 10th February 1965 aged 88 years. (photograph)

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