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Donated Material: Registers, Rent-rolls & other Land Records

Sexton Estate Papers 1687-1786

Title: Sexton Estate Papers
Type: Estate Papers
Dates: 1687-1786
Place: Ennis area
Source: Sandes Papers in the National Library of Ireland (PC 217 Box 1; two unsorted boxes)
Transcriber/Donator: R. Andrew Pierce, Boston, USA


1744 lease, James Sexton of Dublin to Michael Hafshie of Manosmore, Co.
Clare, farmer, farm & lands of Clonnanevy, Bo. Bunratty, lately held by Mr.
Richard Griffin. 21 year lease, witnessed Maunsell Ormsby & Teig Quilty.

1749 lease, Joseph Sexton to Sandy McDonnell, Teige Sexton & James Hehir, tenements in Ennis, 21 year lease.

1754 lease, Joseph Sexton to Michael O’Connor, 31 year lease, tenement in
Ennis. 1758 account of rent for same.

Account of notes & other Authoritys sent to Mr. Anthony Boland by James
Sexton to receive the the ( ) of for him:

Michael O’Connor & Mathew Shaghnassy

Pat Hicky (endorsed by Terence McMahon),
Michael Finncane
Thomas Power
Michael Gahen? of Dromdoolaghty
Andrew Creagh
Connor Quin
Michael Hafshee of Clonnamery
Andrew Finn
Edward O’Brien

1761 Account of James Sexton
James Sexton Esqr to Anthony Boland (cash/rent from tenants):
John Bern
Patrick Gavan
Daniel Clanchy
Laurence Creagh
Joseph Cusack
Widow (of) Patrick Power
Patrick Mahon
James O’Brien
Walter B(o)urke
Michael O’Connor
Bryan Sweeny
Patrick Purcell
Mathew Shaghnessey
James O’Donnell
Michael Hafshie
Charles Hallinan
Mrs. Casey
Mrs. Mary Lucas
Mrs. Bermingham
Ellen White
Henry Sidley
James Lysaght
Executors of John McNamara
Thomas Burke
Andrew Lysaght
Daniel Reydy
Richard Dooly
Bartho(lomew) Warham
James McMahon
Michael Gripha

“Some enterys from Mr Anthony Bolands visits from James Sextons tenants in and about Ennis beginning May 1763”(rents paid)

Michael O’Connor by David Keighleher
Mrs. Casey
Joseph Cusack
Richard Dooley
Richard Brew
Widow Charles O’Connor
Exectrs (of) John McNamara by Thady McMahon
James McMahon
Patrick McMahon by Patrick McDonnell
Michael Hafshie
Bartholomew Gavan
Matt Power by Basil Lukey’s draft on Henry Hunt
Patrick Bermingham
Michael O’Connor by Roger McMahon
Thomas Ireton by Patrick McNamara
Ellen White
Michael O’Connor by Patrick Purcell
Bryan Sweeny
Teige Kelly
Michael McMahon being towards Widow Molonie’s rent
Michael O’Connor by Thomas Kenedy
Daniel Clanchy
Richard Brew by Connor McDonnell
Michael O’Connor by Bryan Sweeny

An acct. of Money received from the Tenants of James Sexton out of the
severall lands And Tenements in Custodm? to William Rice to the 22 October 1767

Bryan Sweeney/Swiney, Elmers/Aylmers Cross (also 1766 & 1767)
Patt Purcell otherwise Miller, same (also 1766) (his widow in 1767)
Daniel Clanchy, Connors’ tenement (also 1766 & 1767)
Thomas Mogavin, same (also 1766 & 1767)
James McMahon, Creaghs tenement (also 1766 & 1767)
Widow Mrs. Clara Casey, Creaghs tenement (also 1766 & 1767)
Tim Kelly, Aylmers Cross (also 1767)
Bryan Sweeney, same
David Keeligher, Connors’ tenement
The (cottier)tenants of Dromdulaghta, also 1767

John White, Creaghs tenement (also 1767)

Thomas or Joseph? Cusack, Creaghs tenement
John McNamara, same
Widow Bermingham, same

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