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Sale of Burton Bindon Estate, Munnia, Rossalia and Corranroo

Incumbered Estates Court, 1853

Source: Clare Journal
Date: Descriptive Comments on 14 April 1853, Sale of Estate on 9 June 1853
Transcription: Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library

Incumbered Estates Court, Henrietta Street, Dublin

Estate of Burton Bindon

The Estates of Rossrawley, comprising the sub-denominations of Rossrawley and Currenroe, and the seaweed shore adjoining same, in the Barony of Burren, 567 acres, one rood, nineteen perches, gross yearly value £203 5s 0d, is held in fee-simple, subject to rent charge of £22 14s 8d. It is situate in the Barony of Burren and County of Clare, and stretches along the sea-coast, being the southern shore of the Bay of Duras or Aughinish, and inlet of the Bay of Galway. The Seaweed Shore, for about three miles along this property, at one time (before the potato disease) was so valuable in its production of seaweed as a manure, that its value was about £400 per annum; and from the improved circumstances of the county, in respect to Railways and Agriculture, there is every prospect that the Seaweed Shore will produce a large income before many years.


Rental of Burton Bindon Estate


The Oyster Banks along the shore are the well known Red Bank Oyster Banks. They are, it is admitted, the best in Ireland for fattening oysters and from their extent can contain several boat-loads at a time. These Beds being a description of property seldom brought under the notice of the public for sale in the Incumbered Estates Court, a memorandum accompanied by some calculations have been given by Dr Whitty, C.E., of Henrietta-street, which is appended to the Rental, showing their yearly produce, net value, etc. The facility of railway carriage now opened up to Dublin from Galway affords an opportunity highly calculated to increase the large income at present derivable from these Oyster Beds.

The High-road runs from the Village of Currenroe, which is on this property, to New-quay, a post-town within about a half mile of the Estate. The lands between this road and the seashore are divided into parts of about twenty acres each, and surrounded by walls several feet high. They have been laid out in Clover and Grass seeds, at a considerable expense, by the present owner. The lands consist of a limestone soil and are either for tillage or sheep pasture, considered very valuable. The greater portion of this estate is grass land and has not been tilled for several years.

Sale of Estate.

Rossrawley and Currenroe and the seaweed shore adjoining same, in the Barony of Burren, containing 567a, 1r 19p statute measure; net yearly rent, £175 10s 4d. Bought by Mr Guinness for £3,550 (in trust).

Part of Munnia and the seaweed shore adjoining, in same barony, containing 237a 2r statute measure; net yearly rent £96 10s 3d. This lot became the property of Mr Guinness (in trust) for £1,775.

Portion of Munnia and the Oyster Banks in the same barony, containing 151a statute measure; net yearly rent £332 14s 6d. Purchased by Mr Guinness (in trust) for £2,750.

Clooney Demesne: the residence of Burton Bindon

Townland of Clooney

Townlands of Rossalia, Curranroo and Munnia

Townlands of Rossalia and Curranroo

Part of Townland of Munnia

Part of the Townland of Munnia


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