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Kilmaleery Parish

1897, Vol. III (3)

Kilmaleery Church (near Newmarket-on-Fergus).
From T.J. Westropp, Esq.


“Here lies the body of BRIDGET MACMAHON wife to DONOUGH MACMAHON Esqre and the dau. to the Rt. Hon. LORD VISCOUNT KINGSLAND Departed this life the 16th July 1733. Here lyes also the body of ANN MACMAHON wife to HENRY MCMAHON and daughter to MAC O’BRIEN ARRA,* departed this life ye 5th March 1735 This monument was erected by Mr. HENRY MACMAHON in the year of our Lord God 1736.”

* This is a puzzle, as Sir Terlough, the last recognised Mac Ibrien Arra, died 1626.

1910, Vol. VIII (1)

Kilmaleery Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus.
[From Mr. T. J. Westropp.]

It is the Kilmalitrie of the Papal Taxation, 1302, and was evidently remodelled in the eighteenth century; no old feature remains. The monument of the MacMahons, 1733, has already been published in “The Journal for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead,” vol. iii (1897), p. 399 [see above]; but we give a new copy. The church retains its south wall, 2 feet 7 inches thick, and is 14 feet 9 inches wide, and 47 feet 6 inches long inside the lower part and fragments of the other walls remaining. A late tiled vestry projects at the east end to the south:—

In the vestry:—

Here lies the body of Bridget MacMahon wife to Donagh | MccMahon Esqr & Daughter to the | Right Honble Lord Vict Kingsland | Departed this life the 16th July 1733 Here lyes alsoe the Body of | Ann MacMahon wife of | Henry McMahon Daughter of | MacO’Brien Arra | Departed this life ye 5th March 1735 | This monument was | erected by Mr Henry MacMahon in ye | years of our Lord | God 1736.

I H S This Tomb was Erected | by Matthew McMahon | In memory of | his father Darm McMa | hon who departed | this life 17th June | 1762 aged 73 years.

Here lies the body of | Ann McMahon wife of | Thomas McMahon of | Knockane who depd | This life Anno Domini | 1792 | Lord have mercy on | her soul.

This Monument erected by | Thoms McMahon of Knockane | Esqre May the Lord of Heaven | Receive their souls Amen | Anno Domini 1812.

Large altar-tomb made outside south wall and against it.

Margaret McMahon alias Morony in memory of her husband John McMahon died Dec 18th 1827 Aged 48

It is ornamented with the cock crowing on the pot, hammer, pincers with a nail, heart, spear, hammer, sun, moon, chalices, I.H.S., nails, spears, thirty pieces of silver, and scales.

The tombstone of Margaret M‘Inerheny, 1831, has a singularly crude cherub cut on it.

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