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Tulla Parish

1894, Vol. II (3)
The following inscriptions have been contributed by Mr. Westropp:—

Tombs in the modern Parish Church of Tulla.
Arms—1 & 4 az. a quiver and bow or., 2 & 3 gules, two lions counter-ramp. supporting sword or.
Crest—A hand and arm vambraced holding dagger.
Motto—In Domino et non in arcu meo sperabo.

1. JAMES MOLONY, of Kiltanon, b. May, 1752, d. Oct. 1823, and SELINA his wife, dau. of REV. JOHN MILLS, Rector of Barford, Warwick, bap. 1753, d. Aug. 1825.

Arms as above.
2. JAMES MOLONY, of Kiltanon, J.P., D.L., d. 7 July, 1874, aged 88, for 20 years in service of East India Company; and SELINA his sister d. 3 Jan. 1864, aged 82.

3. MARY ANNE MARSH, widow of Major WM. MILLS MOLONY, of Kiltanon, d. 27 Jan 1830.

4. HARRIET, dau. of WM. HARDING, of Baraset House, Warwick, wife of JAMES MOLONY, of KILTANON, d. Oct. 8, 1826, aged 30, and JAMES their eldest son d. 18 June, 1834, aged 12.

Arms as above.
5. WILLIAM MILLS MOLONY, J.P., D.L., of Kiltanon, Major 22 Reg, d. at Bearsted, Kent, 7 Sept. 1891, aged 66, and his brother EDMOND WELDON MOLONY, Bengal Civil Service, d. at Bedford 30 Jan. 1888, aged 57.

East window:—Our Lord’s Resurrection and Ascension in centre; the Raising of Lazarus and Jairus’ Daughter, in side lights.
6. LUCY, wife of JAMES MOLONY and dau. of Sir TREVOR WHELER, d. at Kiltanon 14 May, 1853, aged 59.

In the nave:—
REV. RICHARD BREW, Rector of Tulla 29 years, d. 26 Sep. 1851, aged 58.

MARIA BREW his widow d. Aug. 23, 1888, aged 81. Erected by her children.

South wall:—
FRANCIS WHELER MOLONY, M.A., Sub-Vicar of Stratford-on-Avon, d. at Kiltanon 27 Feb. 1860, aged 30. His brother TREVOR CHARLES MOLONY, Capt. R.A., d. at Woolwich 24 Jan. 1874; aged 38. His brother FREDERICK BERESFORD MOLONY, E.I.C.S., d. at Madras 13 Nov. 1868, aged 35.

North wall:—
MARCUS, youngest son of JAMES MOLONY, of Kiltanon, d. Sep. 15, 1886, aged 48. Put up by his widow, CHRISTINA EMMA MOLONY.

ROBERT SPAIGHT, J.P., of Affock, d. 24 March, 1888.

CAPT. RALPH WESTROPP, J.P., of Coolreagh, d. July 11th, 1883, aged 84.
Arms—Sable a lion rampant ermine ducally crowned or.
Crest—Falcon’s head issuant from ducal coronet.
Motto—Je me tourne vers l’occident.

THOMAS BROWNE, of Newgrove, J.P., D.L., d. Feb 9, 1847, aged 73, erected by his widow ELIZABETH BROWNE.
Arms—On a bend, 3 double eagles displayed.
Crest—A double eagle displayed.

ELIZABETH BROWNE, his widow, d. Sep. 9, 1864, aged 89.

In graveyard:—
Vault of JAMES MOLONY, senior, of Kiltanon, and his son JAMES, built March, 1822.
Arms as above.

Arms—A wolf issuant an oak grove.
Crest—A hand and arm holding dagger entwined with serpent.
Motto—Fidus et Audax.
Vault of GEORGE O’CALLAGHAN, of Maryfort, built 1844.

1. SOPHIA, wife of ROBERT HUMPHREYS, Rector of Tulloh, d. 19 Nov. 1871.

2. AGNES MCARTHUR d. at Lough Graney 11 June, 1866, aged 37. Put up by her husband, JOHN MCARTHUR.

3. JOHN WESTROPP, of St. Catherine’s, drowned 23 June, 1887, aged 32. Put up by his mother, KATE WESTROPP.

4. HENRIETTA, dau. of JOHN DWYER, of Marlfield, Dublin, d. at Tulla Glebe, 17 April, 1857, aged 66.

1896, Vol. III (2)

Tulla. (old church on hill top).
From T. J. Westropp.

Arms—a chevron between 3 fleurs-de-lys.
“m. . . . . | of | RICHARD HARTE Esqre. and | BRIDGET HARTE otherwise | BROWNE in token of the | Affection & respect bore | To their Ashes by their | surviving sons | WILLIAM HARTE | RICHARD HARTE.” (Circa 1720.)

Ionic tomb, north wall. Crest—A falcon’s head. Arms—A lion rampant ermine ducally crowned:—

“This Monument was erected by | JOHN WESTROPP of Lismehane Esqr.| to the memory of his daughter | MRS. ANN MORONY who departed this life July the 31st 1764.”

A handsome and large mural monument on S. side of vaulted chancel, with Classic details. Crest—A double eagle displayed. Arms—Quarterly arg. and gules on a bend sable double cottised 3 double eagles displayed:—

“This monument was created erected by | EDMOND BROWNE, of Newgrove, Esqre., | to the memory of his Father | THOMAS BROWNE, Esqre., | who departed | this life Sept. 17th, 1717, | aged 56 years. | Sacred also to the memory of | EDMOND BROWNE, who departed | this life May 10th, 1768, aged. . . years, and of THOMAS | his son, who departed this life the | 24 day of June, 1799, aged 73; | and of EDMOND, eldest son of | THOMAS BROWNE, who departd. this life | 26 day of Dec., 1801, | aged 29 yrs.; also of | THOS. BROWNE, of Newgrove, | who dept. this life on the | 9th of February, 1847, aged 73.”

On the north wall, outside:—
Arms—A lion rampant. Crest—Arm and hand with dagger.

“This small monum | ent was erected by Mr. | TERENCE M‘MAHON, of | Cloundanagh, in the | yeare of our Lord, 1711, | where lyes the body of | his wife JOANE M | ACMAHON, who dis | cd 8ber 1710.”

Rev. SIR WILLIAM READ, Bart., 1798.
Rev. ARTHUR YOUNG, 1802.
Rev. RICHD. BREW, 1823.

1897, Vol. III (3)
From T. J. Westropp.

Tulla Church
BROWNE— 1717. EDMUND, of Newgrove. Arms—Quarterly arg & gules on a bend double cottised 3 double-headed eagles displayed. Crest—A double-headed eagle displayed.
HARTE— a fallen mural tomb, circa 1710. RICHARD, of Ballyhennon. Arms—A chevron between 3 fleurs-de-lys. Crest—A tower. [See Vol. III., p. 236 [above].]
MACMAHON—Tulla Church (Old), 1710. TERENCE, Cloundanagh. Arms—A lion rampant. Crest—A hand and arm holding a dagger. Seal—1763. JOHN, Coolreagh. Same Arms and Crest.
MOLONY—N. wall, Tulla Church (Old), 1703. JAMES, of Kiltanon. Arms—1 and 4, a quiver of arrows and a bow in pale; 3 and 4, a sword supported by two lions counter rampant. Crest—A hand and arm holding a dagger. JAMES MOLONY, of Kiltannon, member of an ancient Dalcassian house in Clare.
O’CALLAGHAN—Chancel of Tulla Church (Old), 1793. JOHN, of Maryfort. A scion of the ancient Eoghanacht tribe, so long seated at Duhallow, and a lineal descendant of DONOUGH, “The O’CALLAGHAN,” transplanted to Co. Clare, 1653, from Drummaneen, Co. Cork. Arms—A wolf isst. from oak grove. Crest—A hand and arm holding dagger enwreathed with a serpent.

Tulla Old Parish Church.
“To the Memories of DENS O’CALAGHAN | of Liscullane and HELEN his wife | CORNELIUS O’CALLAGHAN of Kilgory & | CATHERINE O’CALLAGHAN of Maryfort | And of ANNE O’CALLAGHAN wife of CORNS | O’CALLAGHAN of Dublin | of JOHN O’CALLAGHAN of Maryfort obt. | 1818 of CHARLES O’CALLAGHAN of Seamount.”

On smaller tablet:—

“Also | to the memories of | CORNS O’CALLAGHAN | of Maryfort obiit 1824 & his brother | JOHN of Knockagrady & EDWARD of Coolready | To the memory of CORNS O’CALLAGHAN of Ballinahinch, Oct. 1829.”

Two churches remain on the hill of Tulach na Neaspuig (or Tulla nan Apstol, as sometimes written), the lower part of the north wall of the mediæval church with the jamb of a recess, and south of it the old Protestant church, a plain oblong nave, with a small vaulted chancel and neat rounded-headed windows, three being in the south wall. It dates about 1700. Perhaps the Molony vault was built at the east end of the older church when the latter was superseded (1702). Arms—1 and 4, a quiver with arrows and a bow; 2 and 3, two lions counter rampant supporting a sword. Crest—A dexter arm and hand with dagger:—


Outside north wall:—
Arms—A lion rampant. Crest—same as last.

“This small Monum | ent was erected by Mr. | TERENCE MCMAHON of | Cloundanagh in the | yeare of our Lord 1711 | where lyes the body | of his wife JOANE M | AC MAHON who dis | cd 8ber 1710.”

In N.W. corner, now fallen:—
Arms—A chevron between 3 fleurs-de-lys. Crest—A tower.

“M | of | RICHARD HARTE Esqre. and | BRIDGET HARTE otherwise | BROWNE in token of the | Affection and respect bore | to their ashes by their | surviving sons | WILLIAM HARTE RICHARD HARTE.” (circa 1710.)

A large “ Ionic” tomb against N. wall. Crest—(now fallen)—A falcon’s head issuant from ducal coronet.

“This monument was erected by | JOHN WESTROPP of Lismehane Esq. | to the memory of his daughter | Mrs. ANN MORONY who departed | This life July the 31st 1764.”

“In this vault also lie interred the said JOHN WESTROPP 1780 his wife JANE ROBERTS of Brightfieldstown Co. Cork & their son RALPH WESTROPP of Attyflin Co. Limerick 1806.”

The following curious deed (now at Attyflin) relates to this monument:—

“Be it remembered that I Robert Harrison of the city of Limerick Esqre hath (sic) this day sold to John Westropp of Garruragh Esqre the half or moyety (sic) of my vault at Tulla lying on the north side of sd church of Tulla & under my seat for & in consideration of £3: 8: 3. . . . 9th day June 1763. Present Fra : Harrison, Edmund Morony.”

East end of chancel:—
Another large mural tomb, with Ionic pilasters to S. of chancel. Arms—Quarterly gules and argent, on a bend 3 double-headed eagles displayed:—

“This monument was erected by EDMOND BROWNE of Newgrove Esq. | To the memory of his Father | THOMAS BROWNE Esqr. | who departed | this life Sep : 17 : 1717 | Aged 56 years. In it are also buried the said EDMUND BROWNE d : May 10th 1768, of his son THOMAS d : 24 June 1799 aged 73, of EDMUND his son d : 26 Dec. 1801 aged 29 & of THOMAS his brother d : Feb. 9 : 1847 aged 73.”

A “Tuscan” mural monument at opposite side of chancel. Arms—A wolf issuant from oak trees. CrestArm and hand with dagger transfixing serpent:—

“To the Memories of DENS | (sic) O’CALLAGHAN | of Liscullane and HELEN his wife | CORNELIUS O’CALLAGHAN of Kilgory and | CATHERINE O’CALLAGHAN of Maryfort | And of ANNE O’C wife of CORNS (sic) | O’C of Dublin | of JOHN O’C : of Maryfort | obt | 1818, of CHARLES O’C of Seamount | Also to the memories of CORNS O’C | of Maryfort obiit 1824 and brother | JOHN of | Knocka | grady and EDWARD of Coolready | to the memory of | CORNS O’C : | of Ballinachinch Octr. 1829.”

1901, Vol. V (1) part 1
From T.J. Westropp, Esq., 1900

New Parish Church.
Graveyard list of Protestant Church. For other tombs supra, Vol. III, pp. 393, 399—1897 [above].

1. “MRS. ELIZABETH CURRY died at Ennis Oct 25th 1845 aged 40, put up by her husband LAWRENCE CURRY.”

2. “SARA LITTLE died at Kiltanon 8th Feb 1872 aged 84 years worthy of every trust reposed in her for 45 years service at Kiltanon evincing always truest attachment to the Molony family”

3. “By ANNE SHAW in memory of her husband JOHN SHAW Head Constable of police, who died 16th April 1848 aged 37. A zealous officer an affectionate parent a humble and sincere Christian.”

4. “JANET SINCLAIR died November 1853 aged 73.”

5. “WILLIAM HOBART died 23 May 1838.”

6. “H. MOLONY to her beloved husband WILLIAM MOLONY Quarter Master Sergeant 2 D C Batt Chatam [sic] late 31 Reg died at Tulla 5th Aug 1866 aged 36 years.”

7. By THOMAS BROWNE Esq of Newgrove to the memory of THOMAS SCOTT his faithful stewart [sic] died 18 May 1835.”

8. “EDWARD PALMER late of his Majesty’s Rifle Corps 66 Reg. who died Ap 10th 1830 aged 23 years.

“How loved how valued once avails thee not,
To whom related & by whom bgot [sic]
A heap of dust alone remains of thee
Tis all thou art and all the proud shall be.”

9. “MARCUS MOLONY died at Kiltanon Sep 15th 1886.”

10. “CHARLES GEORGE O’CALLAGHAN J.P. D.D. Captain in the King’s dragoon guards—died Oct 29th 1895.”

In the Church:—

11. “To the dear memory of JAMES MOLONY F R C S I born at Cragg 27 Sep 1821 died 14 Sep 1893. Also of his loved and loving wife REBECCA who followed him into rest 16 June 1896.”

Crest, a hand and dagger—“In Domino et non in arcu meo sperabo.”

(Door of the Vestry)—

12. “T. J. W. 1898 in unchanged affection to his mother CHARLOTTE LOUISA widow of JOHN WESTROPP of Attyflin County Limerick daughter of SIR THOMAS WHITEHEAD K C B died at Monkstown Dublin October 31st 1891 aged 68 years. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’

Arms.—Sable, a lion rampant, erm ducally crowned, impaling Az around a chevron charged with three martlets; as many bugle horns stringed on a chief indented erm; a mural crown between two swords wreathed with laurel.”

13. “This stone is placed here by WM & SARAH MCRAE of Bonavooree in memory of their beloved child WILLIAM RODERICK MCRAE | who departed this life | April 18th 1840 | aged 4 years and 10 months.”

To the south of the church:—

14. “HENRIETTA daughter of JOHN DWYER of Marlfield Co Dublin Esq. She died at Tulla Glebe House on the 7th April 1857 aged 66 years. ‘My trust shall be in the tender mercy of the Lord for ever and ever.’”

15. “In memory of MR PATRICK SHANNON Clerk of the Tulla Union he was a valuable public officer blameless in private life & is esteemed and beloved by all for his upright conduct and kindly nature. He died on the 22nd of April 1855 in the Faith of Christ and rests in hope of the resurrection of the just. Aetat 35.”

16. “SOPHIA ANNE wife of ROBERT HUMPHREYS A M Prebendary and Vicar of Tullah died 19 of Nov 1871.”

17. “JOHN WESTROPP died (drowned) 23 June 1887 at St Catherine aged 32 put up by his mother KATE WESTROPP. ‘Let not your heart be troubled.’”

18. “CATHERINE CROWLY née SANDIFORD who died at Cregg House in this Parish the residence of her son in law WILLIAM JONES Resident Magistrate on 17 May 1894.”

19. “REV RICHARD BREW Rector of Tulla died 26 Sep 1851 aged 58 erected by his widow MARIA BREW, his widow died 23 Aug. 1888 aged 81.”

20. “SUSAN BREW died June 10th 1863 aged 73 CATHERINE BREW died 28 Nov 1881 aged 87, ALICE BREW died 13 Dec 1892 aged 86.”

21. “Erected by WILLIAM WATSON in memory of his wife MARIA died 7 Aug 1851 aged 46, WILLIAM WATSON died at Dublin March 4th 1895. Aged 88.”

North side of the graveyard—

22. “Erected by JOHN McARTHUR to his wife Agnes MCARTHUR died at Lough Graney on 11th June 1866 aged 37 years.

“Great was my loss,
But hers, eternal gain
My hopes in Christ
That we shall meet again.”

23. “WILLIAM MURDOCK to his wife ELIZABETH died at Cragg House Jun 15th 1882 aged 74.”

1910, Vol. VIII (1)
From Mr. T. J. Westropp

Tulla Old Churchyard.
It stands conspicuously on a low drift hill, with a fine outlook over central Clare. The church was probably founded in the sixth or seventh century by St. Mochulla, a fragment of whose life was not long since found in Austria, and published in the “Analecta Bollandiniana,” vol. xvii., p. 135. It appears in the Papal Taxation of 1302, and as “Tullach nan apstol” is named as the place of the “sweet bell-ringing, high-mass celebrating folk,” among whom Dermot O’Brien, Prince of Thomond, died in 1313. An ancient record, “The Black Book of St. Mochuler,” now lost, recorded the benefactors and possessions of Tulla Church from at least about 1380. The Book disappeared in the nefarious Delahyde lawsuit in the early seventeenth century. The lower part of the north wall of the mediæval church remains, forming part of the northern boundary wall of the graveyard; the vaults of the Molony family of Cragg fill its eastern end. The ruined church, built about 1703, lies beside them on the south. In the vaulted chancel are two fine mural monuments of the families of O’Callaghan of Kilgorey and Maryfort, on the north, and Browne of Newgrove to the south. In the north wall is the lofty ionic monument of Westropp of Lismeehan, while the fallen tomb of O’Hartes lies at the west end. The monument of MacMahons is outside against the north wall. The inscriptions and coats-of-arms have been published in these pages in 1896 (vol. iii, p. 236, and p. 400 [above]). The church has neat coign stones, cornices, and circular arched heads to the west door, three south windows and chancel window; it is now much injured, and the west end much undermined. The armorial carvings and other blocks of the Harte and Westropp tombs lie outside in the graveyard, which from its almost circular raised platform very probably represents an ancient rath in which the church was built (as we see more clearly in this county at Moyarta and Rathborney), the neighbouring hill-tops being all crowned with earthworks.

Tombs in the mediæval church

HIC SEPVLTA : IACET ? DOMI | NA MAGDALEN CONNELL | VXOR DOMINI : CALVCHII ? OCA | LAHAN : . . . . . . HOC : SECVL . . | . . . ICI . . . . 18 DIE . . . . . BRIS.

The rest broken off. It is neatly cut in fine deep lines of capitals, probably of the first quarter of the eighteenth century.

I•H•S This Monumt was Erected | By the Revd Father |
Thady Molony and Gilbt Molony | 1739.

This Monument was erected | by Mathew Clune in Me | mory of his nephew Teige | Clune in the year 1762.

(There are traces of a long inscription below, but not so well cut, and quite illegible.)

Here lies the body of John | Clune who parted this life | March the . . . . 1771 (? 1774) Aged . . . . | Erected by his . . . .

I•H•S | This stone was erected by | Johanna Halloran alias Roch | in memory of her husband | Thady Halloran who departd | life Novr 21st 1788 Aged 39 yrs

Here lies the body of Jams Halloran | who died March 1772 Aged 41 (?) | And | his wife Mary Halloran who died March | 1740 Aged 32 his son John Halloran | who died Augt 1773 Aged 38 years | . . . . . . erected by Michael | H . . . . in 1774.

I•H•S Here in Expectation of an happy | Resurrection lieth the Body of | Thomas Virlin of Kn(ock)adoon | who departed this life November | the 4th 1769. May he rest in peace | Erected by Thomas Virlin Junr | in memory of his Mother Mary | . . . his sister Ala . . . | Verlin the Mother of Thos | Ryan whose wife Bride | Connoe lies herein.

Erected by Timothy Ryan in | Memory of his mother Margaret | Mahony | alias Ryan who | Departed this life Febry 1798 | aged 36 yrs R•I•P• Amen.

[Erected b]y Patrick Moloney | in memory of his three sons John aged 14 | yrs and Dens 11 & aged 9 | they parted this life Anno Domini 1769.

The third name was not cut.

South of later church:—

Erected by Patrick Corbett | in m . . . . . his son Willia . . | who departed this | Life Nov 22 1795 Aged 36 yrs | R•I•P• Amen.

To east of church:—

Erected by Francis Taylor | Bricklayer in memory of his | Mother Johana Taylor Alias | Bennis who dept this life March | 4th 1770 Aged 50 (? 56) years and his Father | Samuel Taylor who departed this life | April 28th 1784 (?) Aged 71 (?) years | R•I•P• Amen.

Here lyes the Body of Mr | James Bourke who depart | This life May ye 7th 1763 | Aged . . . Erected by his | Son Ml B . . . . .

Many others earlier than 1800 may be worn out or covered and overgrown.

1916, Vol. IX (6)

Tulla Churchyard.
In the volume for 1911, p. 188, of the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, is given the inscription on the Molony vault erected in 1702. It runs thus:—


With a later addition:

Quod ex vetustate
ruinam minitans
conditoris posteri
de domo Cragg refecerunt.

The arms on the slab are:—1 and 4. A quiver with arrows and a bow: 2 and 3, two lions counter rampant, supporting a sword.
The crest is a Dexter Arm, the hand holding a dagger.
The arms in the 2nd and 3rd quarterings are, Mr. G. D. Burtchaell informs me, those of the O’Carrolls, viz.:—“Argent, two lions rampant combatant gules, supporting a sword point upwards proper.”

According to Burke’s “Landed Gentry,” James Molony, who erected the vault, was three times married:—

1st. To Mary, daughter of Kennedy O’Brien, of Killernan, Co. Limerick.
2nd. To Mary, daughter of James Lambert, of Carnagh, Co. Wexford.
3rd. To Christian, sister of Peter Martin.

By all of whom he had issue, James Molony’s Will was proved in 1733; his mother may have been an O’Carroll.

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