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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 23

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions
Barony of Bunratty Lower
: Kilmaleery Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ardbraghan Edmond MacInerney;
Conor MacMahon
Sir Henry Ingoldsby:
Teige MacMahon
Ballinooskny, (Fuarnad, fighting) * * * * *
Ballymacnevin Murt Clancy; Jas. Clancy;
Conor Oge Clancy
Teige MacMahon;
Donogh O'Brien;
Sir H. Ingoldsby
Breckinish Mahone MacMahon Donogh O'Brien;
Teige MacMahon
Carrowersteen Murtagh MacMahon Donogh O'Brien;
Teige MacMahon
Carrowbane Mahone Oge MacNamara;
Conor MacMahon
Donogh O'Brien;
Sir H. Ingoldsby;
Teige MacMahon
Clenagh (sloping ground) Mahone MacMahon Donogh O'Brien;
Teige MacMahon
Clenaghmore Thomas, son of Rory MacMahon;
Murtagh, son of Turlogh MacMahon;
Teige, son of Murt. MacMahon
Henry White;
Donogh O'Brien;
Teige MacMahon
Ing (a neck of land), alias Ing Reagh Peter Warre or Ware [41] Peter Warre, an English Protestant. (His widow married Jonathan Barnes.)
Islandmacnevin Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Kilmaleery Bishop of Killaloe Bishop of Killaloe.
(Tenants in 1665, Honora Clancy, and her husband R. Holcroft, at £8 per annum).
Urlanbeg (long grass) Conor Oge Clancy;
Donogh Clancy
Sir H. Ingoldsby;
John Dury; Lord Clare;
Teige MacMahon.
Urlanmore John Delahoyde; Danl. Clancy;
Conor Oge Clancy
Same persons
Lismoyle [42] John Clancy Henry White;
Teige MacMahon

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