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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 24

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Burren: Part B
: Carran Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ballyconry Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Ballyline Earl of Thomond; Conor O'Brien;
Teige MacKerwick; Bryan MacOwen;
John MacKerwick;
Donogh MacGilladuff;
Turlogh O'Brien of Kilbrack;
Brian O'Loghlen;
Donogh, son of Rory O'Loghlen
Henry Ivers;
Earl of Thomond
Cappagh Teige O'Brien; Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
Mahone Oge; Mahone, son of Brian;
The heirs of Owney;
Turlogh, son of Owney;
Lysagh, son of Brian (O'Loghlen)
John Blake;
John Morgan
Cappaghkennedy Donogh O'Brien, Esq.; Rossa; Turlogh; and Turlogh, son of Rory (O'Loghlen) Earl of Inchiquin;
Lady Blake
Carran alias Ballydoora Gillananeave O'Davoren;
Loghlen MacBrian; James MacCashea;
Richard MacCashea;
Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
Murtage Oge MacCashea
Hugh Sweeney;
Castletown Donogh O'Brien, Esq. Earl of Inchiquin
Coskeam Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
Conor O'Gowan; James O'Gowan;
Donogh, son of Owney;
Mahone, son of Brian; and
Rossa (O'Loghlen)
Turlogh O'Hyne;
Sir Redmond Everard
Creevagh Donogh O'Brien, Esq. Henry Ivers
Crughwill William Neylan William Neylan
Fahee Heirs of Owney O'Loghlen John Drew; John Blake; Lady Blake
Fanygalvan Brian, son of Connell; Donogh;
Donogh, son of Rory (O'Loghlen); Donogh O'Brien, Esq.
Robert Dixon;
Henry Ivers;
Ralph Wilson
Glencolumbkille The Heirs of Owney O'Loghlen John Blake; Lady Blake
Knockans Pharis, son of Rossa;
Turlogh, son of Donogh;
Turlogh, son of Rossa;
Owen, and Lysagh (O'Loghlen)
Earl of Inchiquin;
Ignatius French
Meggagh Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
Turlogh, son of Maoelin;
Florence Oge FitzPatrick;
Teige O'Brien
Earl of Inchiquin;
Mogouhy Donogh, son of Rossa;
Conor, Rossa and Donogh (O'Loghlen);
Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
Murtagh, son of Conor
William Ryan;
Henry Ivers;
Lord Clare
Poulcarragharush Murtage Oge MacCashea;
Murrogh MacOwen;
Donogh O'Brien, Esq.;
James MacCashea;
Nicholas MacCashea
Earl of Inchiquin;
Rannagh [61] Donogh O'Brien;
Rossa O'Loghlen;
Donogh, son of Teige O'Brien
Earl of Inchiquin; John Drew; John Blake; Sir William King; Donogh O'Brien

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