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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 26

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Islands: Part A
: Kilmaley Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ailldavore Daniel, son of Hugh O'Hehir Nicholas Bourke
Balleen Edmond, son of Connell;
Conor Oge; and Loghlen O'Hehir
Nicholas Bourke; Lord Clare; (afterwards Burton)
Ballyvoe Edmond Oge O'Hehir Lord Clare
Ballymacaula Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Ballymacooda Teige O'Brien Lord Clare
Ballyillaun [95] O'Hehirs, viz.:- Conor, son of Gilladuff; Connell Reagh;
Daniel, son of Murtagh, son of Shane;
Conor, son of Murtagh; Dermot, son of Murtagh; and Edmond
Lord Clare
Ballydonohoe, Beagh & Clonkilleen (Loughburke) Boetius Clancy Nicholas Bourke
Booleyneaska Aney ni Mahony; and O'Hehirs, viz.:- Loghlen Oge; Murtagh, son of Teige;
John, son of Dermot; and Daniel, son of Teige
Boolynagleeragh - - - Benjamin Lucas
Ballykillebricken, Derrynacarragh, Rathcrony, Cloonkee O'Hehirs, viz.:- Loghlen; Dermot, son of Donogh; Connell, son of Gilladuff;
Loghlen; Willliam, son of Donogh
Bealcragga Dermot Oge; Conor; and
Melaghlin O'Meehan
Lord Massareene
Cloonmeere Boetius Clancy Nicholas Bourke
Culleen Sir Daniel O'Brien; John Delahoyde Same
Cahermore Teige O'Hehir Lord Clare; Benjamin Lucas
Cappalea Conor, son of Gilladuff O'Hehir Lord Clare
Carrowmoyle, and Derrygarruff M'Cays, viz.:- Donogh; Auley Oge;
Dermot, son of Auley; Conor Oge;
Daniel; and Donogh M'Cay; and
O'Hehirs, viz.:- Murtagh and Owen
Nicholas Bourke;
Edmond Gough
Cloontabonniv Loghlen Oge O'Hehir;
Dermot Oge O'Meehan;
Donogh M'Cay
Henry Ivers;
Mahone MacMahon;
Lord Massareene
Carncreagh, and Boolynabannuff No name given Murtagh MacMahon;
Benjamin Lucas
Drumanure Boetius Clancy Lord Massareene
Dreematehy Loghlen Oge; and
Conor, son of Gilladuff O'Hehir
Lord Clare
Dreemnary Murtagh, son of Loghlen; and
Conor Oge O'Hehir of Kilquain
Lord Massareene
Furroor Sir Daniel O'Brien;
Donogh, son of John; and
Conor, son of Donogh Oge O'Hehir
Lord Clare
Gortaganniv Sir Daniel O'Brien Lord Clare
Garrynagry O'Hehirs, viz.:- Daniel, son of Murtagh, son of John;
William, son of Teige;
Conor, son of Murtagh;
Donogh Roe; and Patrick
Nicholas Bourke
Letteragh, and Gortcloghloghagh Sir Daniel O'Brien Lord Clare
Kilcloher Same Same
Knockatunna and Raheen O'Hehirs, viz.:- Dermot; Gilladuff; Murtagh; Mahone; John; Patrick, son of Donogh; and Teige Nicholas Bourke
Knockmore, Lisbigorney, Killeen, Gurteerahan, Coolanervor O'Hehirs, viz.:- Donogh, son of Hugh; Auley, son of Conor, son of Aodh; Loghlen Oge, son of Aodh; Owen; Teige, son of Auley; Conor, son of Donogh Oge; Donogh, son of Aodh; Dermot, son of Auley; and Teige of Cahermore Nicholas Bourke;
Lord Clare
Knockadangan John Delahoyde, Esq.;
Donogh, son of John O'Hehir
Nicholas Bourke
Kilmaley Sir Daniel O'Brien Lord Clare; (afterwards F. Burton and others)
Knockmore Daniel, son of Owen O'Meehan Nicholas Bourke; Lord Clare
Kilcolumb, and Loughbourke Sir Daniel O'Brien; Daniel O'Meehan; Dermot O'Meehan; O'Hehirs, viz.:- Conor Oge; Conor, son of Daniel; Daniel, son of Teige, son of Loghlen; Cormuck, son of Cormuck; and
Conor, son of Donogh Oge
Lord Clare
Kinturk, and Tullaghaboy O'Hehirs, viz.:- William, son of Teige; Murrogh; Conor, son of Gilladuff; Conor and Dermot, sons of Murtagh; and Donogh Roe. O'Meehans, viz.:- Conor; Donogh; Teige, son of Shane; Daniel, son of Murtagh, son of Shane, son of Loghlen Lord Clare
Lecarrowbeg Owen, son of Teige O'Hehir Nicholas Bourke
Lecarrowmore Teige O'Brien Lord Clare
Lispuckaun O'Hehirs, viz.:- Edmond, son of Connell; Conor Oge, and Loghlen Nicholas Bourke;
Lord Clare (afterwards F. Burton and others)
Magowna Dermot Oge O'Meehan;
Loghlen Reagh, and Ellinor O'Hehir
Nicholas Bourke;
Thomas Green
Rathcrony Conor, son of Donogh Oge O'Hehir Lord Clare
Reanagishagh, Rossroe and Ranagaslinny Boetius Clancy; Earl of Thomond; Conor Oge O'Hehir Nicholas Bourke; Lord Clare; Earl of Thomond
Sheeaun, Clooneen, Coolmeen, Gortshanvally, Knockenfunchin, Derryhullist Sir Daniel O'Brien; Conor O'Meehan; Aney ni Mahony; and O'Hehirs, viz.:- Loghlen Oge; Loghlen, son of Auley; John, son of Dermot; Rory, son of Mahone; Donogh, son of John; Loghlen; Conor Oge Nicholas Bourke;
Sylvester Hehir

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