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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 26

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Tulla Lower: Part D
: Ogonnelloe Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Aughinish [110] MacNamara's, viz.:- Mahone, son of John; John, son of Donogh Roe;
Daniel Roe, son of Teige; and
John Bourke, Esq.
Earl of Ossory;
Capt. Purdon
Ballybran O'Hallorans, viz.:- Daniel, son of Teige; Morogh, son of John;
Teige Boy, son of Henrias; and
John Bourke, Esq.
Same; and same
Ballybroghan Mahone Roe; and
John, son of Donogh MacNamara
Brian Kearney; Philip O'Dwyer; Loghlen Conor Edmond, son of John Dwyer; Teige Ryan;
Dermot O'Brien; Geo. Purdon; Earl of Ossory
Ballyheefy John and Donogh, sons of Conor Reagh MacNamara Dermot O'Brien;
Earl of Ossory
Ballyhurly Daniel Mergach MacNamara;
John, son of Owen O'Molony
Captain Purdon
Ballylaghnan Daniel, son of Donogh MacNamara of Ballinahinch; John Bourke Murtagh Dowling; Edmond O'Dwyer; Conor Ryan; Philip O'Dwyer; (afterwards George and Simon Purdon)
Ballynagleragh Teige, son of Sheeda MacNamara;
John Bourke, Esq.
Earl of Ossory;
Capt. Purdon
Bealkelly John Reagh, son of Shane neginelagh MacNamara; William Roch Dermot O'Brien;
Philip Bigoe; Earl of Ossory
Caher Mahone Roe, and
Daniel Mergach MacNamara
Captain Purdon
Carrowcore Mahone Roe, and Hugh, son of Shane MacNamara Same
Carrowgar Lady Janet MacNamara Same
Carrowena Daniel, son of Teige MacNamara of Doon; Mahone Reagh MacNamara; William Roch Earl of Ossory
Islandcosgry Lady Janet MacNamara Earl of Thomond
Rahenabeg John Bourke, Esq.;
Mahone Roe MacNamara
Earl of Ossory; (afterwards George and Simon Purdon)
Rahenamore Daniel, son of Donogh MacNamara of Ballinahinch Captain Purdon

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