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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Drumline on 2nd November 1825.
Transcriber: Joan Birtles, New South Wales, Australia.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
McNamara John   Killulla Drumline  
McNamara   Widow Killulla Drumline  
Egan   Widow Killulla Drumline  
Hahir Dan'l   Killulla Drumline  
Carmody Pat'k   Killulla Drumline  
Hickey Mich'l   Killulla Drumline  
O'Donnell Darby   Killulla Drumline  
Kelly Thos   Killulla Drumline  
Kelly John   Killulla Drumline  
Hinchy Pat'k   Killulla Drumline  
McMahon Pat'k   Killulla Drumline  
Brogy Matthew   Killulla Drumline  
Ryan Mich'l   Killulla Drumline  
Healy Francis   Killulla Drumline  
O'Shaugnessy   R't Rev'd Dr Killulla Drumline  
O'Shaugnessy   R't Rev'd Dr Muggelane Drumline  
Scott John Esq. Firgrove Drumline  
O'Halloran   Widow Firgrove Drumline Ballycunneen
Kelly Daniel Esq. Crussa Drumline  
Finn Thady   Bally Casey Beg Drumline  
Shaloo J's   Bally Casey Beg Drumline J's Shaloo & J's Welsh
Welsh J's   Bally Casey Beg Drumline J's Shaloo & J's Welsh
McNamara Dan'l   Bally Casey Beg Drumline  
Hogan John   Bally Casey Beg Drumline  
Canny John Esq. Ballycasey M[ore] Drumline  
McMahon Pat'k Esq. Knockane Drumline  
Coonnty Ja's   Knockane Drumline Ja's & Mich'l Coonnty
Coonnty Mich'l   Knockane Drumline Ja's & Mich'l Coonnty
Hogan John   Smyths Town Drumline  
Daley James   Smyths Town Drumline  
McInnerny John   Smyths Town Drumline  
Shehan Antony   Smyths Town Drumline  
McMahon Pat'k Esq. Smyths Town Drumline  
Frost Pat'k   Smyths Town Drumline  
McInerny Laur   Tullyvariga Drumline  
Daley Mich'l   Tullyvariga Drumline  
Howard Laur   Tullyvariga Drumline  
Hogan John   Tullyvariga Drumline  
McInnerny Tho's   Tullyvariga Drumline  
McMahon Pat'k   Tullyvariga Drumline  
Quin Pat'k   Tullyvariga Drumline  

A list of the names of holders of land paying mensal tithes, 21st November 1833.

Surname Forename Title Parish
Halloran Mich'l   Drumline
Lynch James   Drumline
Shehan John Mr Drumline
Madden Tho's   Drumline
Hicky Law'ce   Drumline
Brasil James   Drumline
Gleeson Mich'l   Drumline
Conners Pat'k   Drumline
O'Dea Mich'l   Drumline
Hicky Mich'l   Drumline
Lucas Joseph   Drumline
Clara Dennis   Drumline
Crowe Dennis   Drumline
Donahoe Thady   Drumline
McNamara   Widow Drumline
Crohan Thady   Drumline
Molowny James   Drumline
Canny Mich'l   Drumline
Sargeant James Mr Drumline
Shehan John Mr Drumline
Coonlaghty John   Drumline
Quin Thady   Drumline
Crohan Pat'k   Drumline
Bruggy Lot   Drumline
Meehan Jerimiah   Drumline
Hanneen Pat'k   Drumline
Hickman Mich'l   Drumline
Torpy James   Drumline
Meehan Mich'l   Drumline
Keogh Pat'k   Drumline
Garvy Pat'k   Drumline
Mongane Mich'l   Drumline
McMahon Tho's   Drumline
Crowe Tho's   Drumline
Crowe John   Drumline
Meehan John   Drumline
Keane Mich'l   Drumline
Kelly Thady   Drumline

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