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Clare Placenames Policy





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Placenames Policy Information

County Development Plan Policy 1999 for Placenames

Prior to commencement of development proposals for an estate name/house numbering scheme and associated signage shall be submitted to the Planning Authority for agreement.

Place-name Committee’s Policies

It is the policy of the Place-Names committee that place-names should:

  • Be easily pronounced
  • Be in Gaelic, if appropriate
  • Reflect the local topography, history, environment, culture, ecology or mythology of the immediate area.

The procedure is as follows:

  • A developer may submit names for a proposed development
  • The development control, planning section will forward any requests or place-name proposals to the committee
  • The committee may decide to accept or reject the name proposed
  • In the case where the name has been rejected or where place-names are to be proposed, two to four alternatives or names will be suggested
  • These proposed names will be forwarded to the developer to make the choice. The developer may choose to re-negotiate or have further discussions on the matter
  • The developer will then submit the final place-name choice to the development control, planning section
  • Planning will accept or reject the proposed place-name.