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New Publication on the Biodiversity of County Clare
Clare is home to many important habitats such as limestone pavement, sea cliffs, wet meadows and bogs and important numbers of species such as Whooper swans, Lesser horseshoe bats and Spring gentians. A publication Spot the 101 Habitats and Species in Clare: Biodiversity in County Clare has just been published introducing people to the biodiversity of county Clare. Spot the 101 Habitats and Species in Clare describes 101 habitats and species which occur in Clare. There are many thousands of species in Clare and it would take a very large book to describe them all. This publication is an introduction to the biodiversity of County Clare and provides a flavor of what can be found there. It includes colour photographs of many of the species and habitats so people can identify them when they see them.

This publication is part of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan process. The Local Biodiversity Action Plan is part of County Clare’s Heritage Plan which was published in September 2003. With Leader and Heritage Council funding, Clare have appointed a project manager to prepare a Local Biodiversity Action Plan. The main purposes of Local Biodiversity Action Plans are to translate international and Irish legislation and policies into effective local action on the ground and to raise public awareness and involvement in the conservation of biodiversity.

Spot the 101 Habitats and Species in Clare is available free of charge. Copies of the publication are available from: Elaine Keegan, Biodiversity Action Plan project manager

E-mail: ekeegan@clarecoco.ie