The Churches of County Clare
By T. J. Westropp, M.A.
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Clare County Library

Survey of the Churches

Diocese of Killaloe

Barony of Ibrickane

137. KILFARBOY, Sheet 31.—Parish church, 65 feet 9 inches by 17 feet. The west gable had fallen in 1839. The ruin is of the late fifteenth century. The east and south windows have ogee heads, the former has got trefoils cut in its spandrils. The south door is well built. It has a pointed arch, and a stoup with two round-headed opes in the right jamb. Founder, St. Laughteen, “Kellinfearbreygy,” 1302 [159] ; “Kilforbric” and “Kilfearbaigh,” sixteenth century, said to have been founded A.D. 740; it was governed by Bishop Cormac, who died A.D. 837. Monuments, Fitzgerald, 1778; P.M.D., III. (1897), p. 396.

Stoup, Kilfarboy
Stoup, Kilfarboy
South Door, Kilfarboy
South Door, Kilfarboy

138. MOYMORE (INISDIA), Sheet 23.—Kilfarboy Parish, 40 feet by 19 feet 6 inches. The east window has two round heads (the shaft gone); south window and door. Founder, unknown. [160] Patroness, Inghean Baoith. The place was called “Magh o mBreacain,” 1599.

139. KILCORCORAN, Sheet 31.—Kilfarboy Parish. A graveyard, with a small oblong building, marked beside the main road, not far east from Miltown Malbay.

140. KILMURRY IBRICKAN, Sheet 38.—Parish church, 86 feet 6 inches by 24 feet 4 inches. A late plain church built of flags. The east end fell before 1839. The west gable has a broken bell chamber and window slit. The south wall has three plain slits and two pointed doors, one built up. A trefoil-headed light remains near the east end. Founder, unknown; not named, 1302; “cil Mhuire o mBracain,” 1599. [161]

141. INISCAERACH (MUTTON ISLAND), Sheet 38.—Kilmurry Parish. In 1887 I found the coarsely built west wall of a small oratory still standing in a cultivated field, and two roughly-shaped flag-pillars in a field to the north. Founder, St. Senan, c. A.D. 550; “Oilen Fitæ,” 799; “ Iniskereth,” 1216; “Iniscaerach,” Life of Senan (c. 1320). [162]

142. KILLARD, Sheet 46.—Parish church, 63 feet by 14 feet 4 inches. The gables and fragments of the adjoining walls remain, The east window had a semicircular head. The two south windows were respectively square and round-headed. The west gable had a plain bell chamber. Founder, unknown. “Kellarda,” 1302.

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