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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 12. History of Thomond before it was formed into an English county: From the earliest times, to the death of De Clare, and expulsion of the English in 1318.

Brian succeeded by his son Donogh; Great famine in 1050; Invasion of Thomond by Hugh O’Conor king of Connaught

After the death of Brian, his two sons Teige and Donogh reigned over the southern half of Ireland conjointly. By the contrivance of his younger brother, Teige was treacherously put to death by the people of Eily, but Donogh in expiation of his crime betook himself to Rome and died there in a monastery. While Donogh ruled, the annalists record that the season of 1050 was so inclement that food of every kind both for man and beast perished. Dishonesty and selfishness were the result of the calamity, and so great were the robberies that Donogh had to summon a meeting of the clergy and chieftains at Killaloe. There, certain ordinances were enacted which had the effect of speedily repressing every species of injustice; peace and favourable weather were, as stated by the ancient historians, the consequence of these beneficent regulations. [9] During the government of Donogh, Thomond was invaded by the Connaughtmen, under their king Hugh O’Connor, and the inauguration tree of Magh Adhar cut down. [10] Soon afterwards, it is recorded, Donald Roe O’Brien was slain by O’Hynes, Lord of the territory lying between Gort and Kinvara, at that time called Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, and that Turlogh, grandson of Brian Boroimhe, vanquished Murrogh O’Brien, called Murrogh of the Short Shield, and killed four hundred of his men, together with fifteen chieftains. [11] Murrogh was another grandson of Brian, and appears to have been a man of violence; he was slain in 1068, by the people of Westmeath while on a plundering expedition in that country. [12]