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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 15. Inquisitions relating to County of Clare—Reign of Elizabeth

Gilladuff MacNamara of Tyredagh; Donald Reagh MacNamara of Fortane; Donogh Beg O’Brien of Dromfinglass; Turlogh O’Brien of Fonire; Sir Turlogh O’Brien of Ennistymon; Turlogh O’Brien of Ballyportry

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 30th of March, 1591, by Martin Forsbroke, as Deputy, finds that Gilladuff, son of Teige MacNamara, late of Tyredagh, died on the 14th of February, 1591, seized of the castle and lands of Tyredagh; finds that Teige Mac Gilladuff Junior, being of full age at the time of his father’s death, is the heir-at-law.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 31st of March, 1592, before Martin Forsbroke, finds that Donald Reagh, otherwise called the MacNamara Reagh, of Ferty (Fortane), died on the 13th of February, 1591, being owner of the following:—one-half of the town and lands of Dangan, of the castle and lands of Ferty, of Rath, Rosslara, Riaghcarrowbeg, Ballywaryn, Feakle, Leighlaigkerreardu, Killingurtin, Pallis, Ranygin, Caher, Leaghort, Core, Shamberbykwin, Corleabeg, and one-half of Qwyn; finds that Donald Oge MacNamara, whose age at his father’s death was twelve, is the heir to these lands.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 24th day of May, 1592, before Richard Boyle, deputy of Nicholas Kenny, finds that Donogh Beg O’Brien, being owner of Dromfinglass castle, with the adjoining two quarters of waste and rocky land, went into rebellion with Gerald, Earl of Desmond, and having been taken, was executed by marshal law. His lands were consequently forfeited to the Crown, by the Act of Parliament of the 16th April, 28th year of the Queen.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the same day, finds, that Turlogh O’Brien, of Fonire, was taken in rebellion and executed; finds that he was owner of Shallee castle and lands, and of Doonymulvihill castle, now unroofed, and that all his property was forfeited to the Queen on account of his rebellion.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 3rd of July, 1592, before William Mostyn, Esquire, Sheriff of Clare, finds that, amongst other lands, Sir Turlogh O’Brien of Ennistymon, during the time he resided in England, was seized of the following denominations, viz.:—the castle of Ballygriffy and its appurtenances, namely. Ballygriffy, Carnknock, Cloonigallon, and Carrownakilla.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 23rd of October, 1593, before Richard Boyle, gentleman, finds that Turlogh, son of Donogh O’Brien, of Ballyportrey, died on the 31st of August 1570, being then owner of Ballyportrey, Magheramacage, Carrowremaghlin, Foilrim, Garvillaun, Tiremoyleven, Carrowlehardan, Lisduff, Magherakarney; finds that Conor O’Brien is the son and heir of Turlogh, and that he was of full age on the day of the death of his father.