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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 17. Inquisitions relating to county of Clare—Reign of Charles I

Conor Lysaght of Ballybreen; Teige MacGorman of Tullycrine; Teige MacNamara of Knockbeha; John Evans of Liscreagh; Sir Daniel O’Brien of Carrigaholt; Conor Oge O’Loghlen of Carron; Sir John MacNamara; Daniel O’Neylan of Kilcarragh; Constantius Clancy of Killonaghan; Dermot MacNamara of Clontra; Teige MacNamara of Garruragh; Cormuck O’Cahill of Ballymaclennan; Mahone Fitzpatrick of Killadysert; Dermot MacNamara of Boynagh

Inquisition, taken at Sixmilebridge, on the 20th of October, 1630, before John Evans, finds that Murtagh Roe MacGillisaghta (Lysaght), was owner of Ballybreen near Kilfenora, at the time of his death, about fifty years ago; finds that Conor Lysaght, then of full age, was his son and heir.

Inquisition, taken on the same day, finds that Teige MacGorman died on the 6th of May, 1624, being then owner of Tullycrine, and leaving as his successor his son, Donald, then aged twenty-two years.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 17th of January, 1631, finds that Teige MacNamara, being owner, in 1629, of Knockbeha (Feakle), mortgaged same to Flan MacBrody, of Moynoe.

Inquisition, taken on the same day, finds that John Evans, by Deed of August last, mortgaged to Edmond Roche the lands of Liscreagh, Kilvealkelly, Gortnaskeliher, Gortdrislagh, and Carrowneany.

Inquisition, taken on the same day, finds that Sir Daniel O’Brien mortgaged, in 1626, to Dermot MacConsidine, the lands of Leitrim.

Same Inquisition finds that Conor Oge, son of Edmond O’Loghlen, died on the 19th of December last, being owner of Fannehonne and Sheshodonnell (Carron), and leaving his son Murtagh to succeed him.

Finds that Sir John MacNamara, in 1622, mortgaged the lands of Cahirhurley to James Bourke, of Limerick, and the lands of Killuran to James Arthur, of Limerick, for £200.

Finds that Donogh O’Neylan, being owner of the following lands, died on the 10th of August, 1600, viz., Kilcarragh, Cohy, Moymore, Lickeen, Coolpecaun, Rannagh, Carrowbloagh, Kilaspuglonane; finds that William O’Neylan, then aged twenty-one years, and married, was his son and heir.

Finds that “Constantius” Clancy was owner of Killonaghan, Knockaskeheen, and Corrurip, and that he died in April last, leaving his son, Daniel, of full age, his heir.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 22nd of October, 1634, before John Evans, finds that Dermot, son of Conor M‘Donnell (MacNamara?) was owner of Clontra, Shawvogh, and Gortnaglogh; that he died on the last day of October, 1619, leaving his brother, Mahone, his heir; finds that Mahone, in 1628, mortgaged these lands to Thomas FitzDominick Arthur, of Limerick.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 20th of April, 1631, before John Evans, finds that Teige, son of Donald MacNamara, of Garruragh, by deed of 1628, conveyed to Teige, son of Donogh MacNamara, of Lecarrow, the lands of Lecarrowbeg and Drumcharly.

Finds that Cormack O’Cahill mortgaged, in 1628, the lands of Ballymacklenan, to Daniel O’Brien of Dough.

Finds that Mahone Mac GillaPatrick (FitzPatrick), being owner in 1608, of the following lands, conveyed them to John, son of Teige, son of Donald Maoel (MacNamara), of Ballykelly, in trust, for the use of Mahone son of Dermot FitzPatrick and his heirs male, and in default of such to Teige, son of Dermot FitzPatrick, with remainder to Conor son of Dermot; finds that said Mahone died in 1619. The lands thus settled were Cappanavarnoge, Cooltinamagawan, Lakyle, Coolyore, Rusheen, Dromanettan, Ballyvoghan, Clankennedy, (parish of Killadysert).

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 22nd of October, 1634, before William Brigdall and John Evans, finds that Dermot, son of Sheeda MacNamara was owner of the castle and lands of Boynagh; finds that he died in October, 1614, leaving his son Owen, then of full age, to succeed him.