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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 2. Ui Ainmire

Kilfintinan Parish

No saint named Fintinan can be found in the Irish Martyrologies, and yet there was a church dedicated to him, the ruins of which stand in the townland of Ballybrohan, in this parish. It is now almost entirely demolished, and in consequence no inference as to its age can be drawn from its architecture. Another church, called Cruachán, stood in the parish, sufficiently large to accommodate a numerous congregation. Its ruins, in a tolerable state of preservation, with an extensive graveyard surrounding it, are found in the townland of Brickhill. [6] Another burial-place but without any remains of a church, called Cill-an-bothair, exists in Ballyliddane. Near the church of Cruachán is a cromleach in an almost perfect state of preservation, and at the distance of two hundred yards in the same townland stood another, which is now utterly demolished. In close proximity to these is a hill called the Leacht, having on its summit vestiges of the grave of some Irish chieftain of the times of paganism. His name is not remembered in connection with his place of sepulture. In this parish stand the remains of the castle of Ballintlea, which is omitted from the list made in 1580; if it existed at that date, it doubtless belonged to one of the MacNamaras.