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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 3. Burren, or Corcomroe East

Kilcorney Parish

No record of St. Coirné, the patron of this parish, can be found. His church is in a state of great dilapidation. The site of an older church dedicated to him is pointed out at a short distance from the present ruin. A little way off, to the west, stands the ruin of an ancient ecclesiastical building dedicated to St. Colman Bairé, supposed to be the same as St. Colman Mac Duach. Several holy wells are found in this parish, namely, Tobar-na-naingeal near the church; Tobar Colman Bairé, in Glensleade; Tobar Ingean Baoth. Only one castle existed in Kilcorney, viz., that of Glensleade, now levelled to the ground, and belonging in 1580 to a member of the family of O’Loghlen. The other remains of antiquity are the following ruins of earthen and stone forts: Carher-na-mweela, in the townland of Poulgorm; Caher-an-ard-dorais, Glensleade, Lisnanroum, Liscolmanbara, Lissaniska in Eanty beg south; and Lissananima in Eanty beg north. In the townland of Kilcorney is found a cave to which several legends belong, the most popular of which states that an enchanted horse issued therefrom, and propagated its breed throughout the country.