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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 4. Ui Caisin

Rent-roll of MacNamara in the fourteenth century

“This is the rental of MacNamara in Tuath-na-havon (Tuath-na-hamhan), (the river district, that is the country adjoining the O’Garney river) viz.: fourteen ounces in Cappagh; fourteen ounces in Ballyfarrell (Mount Ievers, Ieverstown); fourteen ounces in Ballynevin; fourteen ounces in Ballyiosine (Ballysheen); and food once a year in the free lands of that district. These are the stewards, who have been accustomed to receive said rents, namely the posterity of Mahone Fionn O’Rodain.

“This is the yearly rent of MacNamara in the territory of the O’Flinn (Tuaith O’b’Floinn) viz: fourteen ounces in the three half quarters of the Clan Cusack, i.e., the Coolagh and Ballinacliaeh (Hurdlestown), and Drumsillagh; fourteen ounces in tho[e] three Snatys; fourteen ounces in Enagh-morogh-brick (Enagh); fourteen ounces in the Cloonshidas (?); fourteen ounces in the half townland of the posterity of Donogh MacCusack; fourteen ounces in Mount Tallon (Madhma Talmhuin anglicé Landslip); fourteen ounces in the country of O’Hea (Tir O’n’Aodha,) Teeronea), exclusive of the royalties of the lord out of them all; an ounce of gold of lady’s rent on Gorteongalagh (?), and food once a year in the free lands of said territory; and a groat and seven ounces unto MacCommara in Ballymurrigan (Ballyrorgal) (Múintir Labhvil Maoir na Tuatha Soin). The family of Lavelle were the stewards of that territory.

“The rental of MacNamara in the territory of Glen (Glanomera), viz: fourteen ounces in the townland of the red earl (?); fourteen ounces in Ballyquin; fourteen ounces in Ballymuldowny; (Ballymoloney, Baile vi Maoldomhnaigh [5]) and the share of the two-third from said places is charged upon the quarter of Drynaghbeg (Aharinaghbeg); fourteen ounces in Crean; fourteen ounces in Cloonyconry; fourteen ounces in Formoyle; fourteen ounces in Cloontragh; fourteen ounces in Ardskeagh; fourteen ounces in Cloongaheen; and food once a year in the free lands of that place.

“The rental of MacNamara in the territory of Ui Congalaigh (the present parish of O’Gonnelloe), viz: fourteen ounces in Bealkelly (A M’Beil Coille, the entrance of the wood); fourteen ounces in Ballybrogheran; fourteen ounces in Ballyloghnan; fourteen ounces in the quarter of Ballyoheefa (Ballyheefy); fourteen ounces in Ballybran; fourteen ounces in Carrowcore (the odd quarter); and Carrowgar (the short quarter); fourteen ounces in Ballynaglearagh; fourteen ounces in Carrowena (Eidhne, ivy); food between Christmas and Shrovetide in the two Rahenas, in Island Cosgary, Ballyhurly, and Aughinish; and food once a year in the free quarters of that territory. The Rodanes were the stewards of that country.

“The rental of MacNamara in the territory of O’Rongailé, viz., fourteen ounces in Upper Clogher; and fourteen in Lower or Small Clogher in Clooncool; fourteen ounces in Clonmoher; fourteen in Coolriedy; fourteen in Dromart (Drummod); fourteen ounces in Drumsgamur; and fourteen ounces in Caherhurly, of the Clan Hasneisis (Cloine Haisneisis). MacNamara has food between Christmas and Shrovetide in the three Coolreavaghs (Coolreagh); fourteen ounces in Upper Ross (Rosneillan ?); food in Ballymacdonnell, and in Killuvran (Killuran), between Christmas and Shrovetide, and also in Ballymacon-finn (?); and food once a year in the free lands of said territory.

“The rental of MacNamara in the country of the Eaotaoi (Tvath Eachtao) viz: fourteen ounces in Annagh; fourteen ounces in Bawn-a-cullane; fourteen ounces in Rathneeane (?); an ounce of gold of Lady’s rent (Cios Baintiarnain) in Fiacal (Feakle); fourteen ounces in the three quarters Coologory; fourteen ounces in Cooracloon; fourteen ounces in Leaghort; fourteen ounces in Gurtadoon (?); fourteen ounces in Enagh (?) fourteen ounces in Knockbehy; fourteen ounces in the green of O’Halloran (A b’Fatha vi Allmhfaín); and the O’Rodan family are the stewards therein, and food between Shrovetide and Easter.”

Next to the O’Briens the MacNamaras became the most powerful family in Thomond. At the time it was made into a county by the English in the reign of Elizabeth, almost all that part which lies at the east of the Fergus, and of a line continued from Ennis to Ballyline, belonged to them. When an account was taken of all the ancient owners of the lands of the county in 1640, it was found that no less than two hundred members of the clan MacNamara were owners in fee simple. Of these only six obtained a grant of part of their possessions, under the Cromwellian settlement, so complete was the ruin brought upon a race who for a space of thirteen hundred years were the powerful and prosperous owners of the land of their inheritance. [6] Even at this day, though fallen to the rank of the peasantry, an air of gentility and breeding is observable in many members of this ancient family.